Finding a new job in today’s market in Israel


passionFinding a job is a time-consuming, emotional and difficult process and changing careers is even more challenging. Most of my client’s are Olim, as I made Alyiah in 2007, I understand the difficulties that envelop looking for a job and the huge cross-cultural differences encompasses it. Where do you even start? Who is best to target? Does LinkedIn even work? Once you’ve landed that interview, how do you succeed? How best can you negotiate your salary? Below are a few tips to get you steps closer to changing your career direction… Feel free to contact at any time, we are here to help you.

Identifying your new path: First things first, create a list of career options you think you would enjoy and be good at, don’t just write the ones you think you can do. Cast your net as wide as possible, this is a process of elimination, if it’s not suitable, you will eliminate it at a later stage, for now, write down what your passionate about! Don’t limit your thinking at this stage. If you really want to renew yourself as a jewelry designer or as something else write it on the list. Then research how other people made this change happen.


  1. Think about things you’re good at: I’ve long said that we (Olim) can all be like Madonna – we can all reinvent ourselves! Although I made Alyiah 6 years ago, I am still an Olah Chadasha, I will always be, which means that I can reinvent my career now and in the future, here in Israel. The key is to ‘just do it’ – you are good at at least one thing and you can happily make money from it, so why aren’t you? A good job search should start with you, not your CV. What type of personality do you have, outgoing or shy? Do you know how to work a room and do you have the gift of the gab? Are you good at explaining things to others? Most of us don’t think of ourselves as ‘talented’ and you need to believe in yourself, you are talented and you do deserve to work in a job you will enjoy. Don’t only focus on your degree or experience, rather think about what you’re passionate about doing. The right answer will be there waiting to come out…
  2. Grass is greener on the other side: We have become a society that defines people according to what they do in life. So when you come across someone who has an ‘exciting job’, it may very well be exciting and fitting for them and many careers can sound exciting when you only know a little about them. Make sure you know what’s boring and awful about a job, as well as what’s great.  – Only then can you decide if it’s the right choice for you.
  3. Looking for a job is a full time job: It may sound clichéd but if you’re unemployed, sustaining momentum is important. Getting out of bed in the morning and getting out of your pyjamas is a must. We are all experts in our own field, so even if you spend time perfecting your CV, you may not have a marketable CV because it does not highlight your skills and abilities – this is critical. Them, finding new places to submit applications and researching potential employers is the next step. The job search market is changing, so using traditional on-line job sites does not cut the mustard any more. You must become more known – and the first place to start is LinkedIn. If you don’t already have a profile, open one right now and start to build your connections, join groups and make more workable contacts.
  4. Steps to finding a job: Before you explore those issues, you need to decide what it is that you’re passionate about. Feel free to contact at any time about any of these issues or others. is here to help you. 
About the Author
Sigal Abbatovi is an experienced Organizational Psychologist who helps pave the road to professional success, personal fulfilment and jump-starting start-ups, in a nutshell, Sigal helps people find the life they love and a career that supports it by following their goals, recognizing their dreams and therefore gaining maximum satisfaction from their lives. Check out the Sigal Consulting site on: or call 0526754988 for more information.