Finding the perfect club for the 21st century

Hamas can hit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem with dozens of rockets                                         Times of Israel: February 11, 2014

So now it seems that Hamas can hit Tel Aviv with a goodly number of its locally manufactured M75 rockets.

The Israeli Air Force can strike anywhere at will inside Gaza and most other areas in the region.

Palestinians can kill Israelis.

Israelis can kill Palestinians.

Sophisticated defence equipment can intercept missile attacks even though the cost per shot is still hugely expensive. And, of course, newer and better stuff will soon arrive or is in the latter stages of development.

Bombs can be smuggled into cities where they explode in buses, cars and other targets of opportunity.

And all this conflict, small scale and large, started off some sixty six and more years ago.

You would think that, given the amount of time that has elapsed since then, a far more subtle means of expressing serious displeasure with those on the other side might have gained some ascendancy within the vast expanse and copious expertise of human ingenuity.

But no, apparently not. Nothing more edifying than an up-rated version of beating each other over the head with clubs seems to be all that 21st century Man can manage at this stage in his evolution.

Surely it must be possible for everyone to do so much better than this.

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