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“First Impressions” by Emmanuel Saunders

Emmanuel Saunders left Germany in 1996 together with his two brothers and his mother, the offspring of a Christian family raised in a convent, who converted to Judaism following a long period of volunteering and travelling in Israel. He grew up in Pisgot, a religious yishuv near Ramallah. Reaching the legal age, he decides to join the army, which he left in 2009, and to forget about the yeshiva. After the untimely death of their mother in 2002, his brothers and he left for England, where their father resided; however, they only remained there for one year. They returned to Pisgot, each one living with a different host family.


Manny was ten years old when he was first introduced to painting by copying reproductions of Dürer painted by his mother. After attending painting classes in a Jerusalem workshop for two years, he left to study in Italy for one year. Back in Israel, he used all the money saved after the army to enroll at Betzalel School of Art, where he studied for another four years.


This talented young artist, fresh out of school, will hold this summer in Jerusalem one of his first solo exhibitions. Not to be missed!

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‘’First Impressions’’ Exhibition
Opening: August 15th, 2016
Starting at 6:00 P.M.
Closing: August 22nd, 2016
The Jerusalem House of Quality
Derech Hevron, 12

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Curator, journalist and art agent

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