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First Kabbalah, Then Business.

Recently I was asked to explain the purpose and intent behind my crowdfunding campaign, “The Kabbalah of Business Book.” What follows is the reply.

Here’s an example from last night: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/kabbalah-of-simon-sineks-start-with-why-part-one/


The Zohar teaches “as above, so below.” The only way to make sense of this topic (specifically what attracts people to companies, brands, vidoes like the one described in the artcile) is by explaining according to the inner dimension of the Torah … then from there to show how these ideas have then hit reality.

Although 17 million plus people have watched the video mentioned there, no one really know “why” (as Simon says, “start with why” … why the video was so exciting and engaging for so many).

What the book presents is what was presented in this article … that point by point, we can explain the points of attraction according to Kabbalah. If you look at the link at the bottom of the article, the original article was called “What, How, Why” …. not because Rabbi Ginsburgh or Simon knew of each other, but because Kabbalah lets us know where great ideas come from and what to do with them

Thanks for contacting me.

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Yonatan Gordon is a student of Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh, and co-founder of InwardNews.com.
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