Slavica Milosevic
Slavica Milosevic

Five birthday messages to our beloved Israel

Happy Independence Day our beloved Israel!
I have asked some of my friends living in Israel to share their message for this special day.
Here it is:

“Dear Israel,
On this day we, the Children of Israel, wish for you to no longer bleed;
for the freedom and prosperity of this Land, Honey and Milk, to remain free as always;
for every religion, every nation across this beautiful land.
Wishing for you thousand Years and thousands more to come, to be the place i know and love.
Happy Independence Day, My Beautiful Israel.”
– David Bradichevsky

”Our dear country,
We wish you peace; no more wars with enemies, no more wars within us.
We wish you, brotherhood and love.
We wish you economic prosperity and equal opportunity for every person.
Our dear country,
Continue keeping our heritage, make supportive environment for our children where all of us together may embrace love.
Our dear country,
Keep on living and always look ahead.”
– Einat Cohen & Goran Mekic

“To my beautiful little country which is going to celebrate her 69th Birthday:
Let the rays of the Sun neck our beautiful beaches and the lovely Sea of Galilee.
Don’t forget to give a breath of fresh air every winter to the Hermon Mountain.
Give to our holy old city, Jerusalem, some quiet and happy days.
Save us our exciting Eilat which is a place where we can feel the freedom on our skin. Dive, snorkel and party and its all include…
My final ask/wish for you (and me) my beloved country:
Give us the path to enjoy all of your sweet fruits with peace and quiet.”
– Maki Bar-Lev

“Dear Israel,
I wish you a happy 69th Independence Day. Hence, I wish that you will get the peace you deserve without any terror attacks or wars.”
– Melanie Lintfret

Dear Israel, I wish you:
Peace, no more terror attacks.
I wish that those who have prejudice figure out that you are a country of light, love, history, justice and democracy.
Dear Israel,
We are proud of you because you have never given up on hope to save your identity and to keep the soul of your body – people who love you.
Dear Israel, today we are proudly seeing your flag waving, knowing that you are here to prevail.

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She loves to write and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She studies Art History and Theory.
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