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Five Myths Regarding the War in Israel

Courtesy: AISH
Courtesy: AISH
  1. Israel’s Response Should be Proportionate. The word “proportionate” refers to a situation where things are in proportion or in balance with one another. But what does that word mean during war? Especially after the most appalling atrocities Jews have seen since the Holocaust. Proportionate means that 2,000 Israeli soldiers should wait for a peace-loving, Woodstock-type music festival in Gaza. Some should kill, gang-rape and mutilate young women and men, while the rest tear into people’s homes, burn and behead babies, murder innocent people and their pets, and kidnap women, men and children of all ages. That would be proportionate. It is also unthinkable, barbaric and vile, and no Israeli soldier would agree to this type of “proportional response.” So, let’s take that inappropriate terminology off the table. Let’s be clear: this isn’t about Israel’s right to defend its citizens, it’s about Israel’s absolute obligation.
  1. Israel is Creating a Humanitarian Crisis. First, I’d like to offer a warm thank you to the UN for their ongoing one-sided condemnation, while wringing their hands and not doing enough to help. Their consistency in ignoring human rights violations all over the world while singling Israel out, is dependable, albeit deplorable. Israel gave not only a warning, but explained exactly which areas should be evacuated. Israel is helping to set up humanitarian relief in south Gaza. Egypt announced a closing of its border to its Arab brothers and sisters. Sadly, the Egyptians continue to use the Palestinian cause as a pawn in Middle East politics, but when it comes right down to it, they don’t seem to really care about the Palestinian plight. This brings me back to the UN: Any thoughts about condemning Egypt and negotiating opening that border crossing? As of the time of this writing, Egypt allowed a few UN fuel trucks through, but they made it clear: Egypt’s doors are closed to refugees. Israel did not create this situation for the Palestinians of Gaza; Hamas did.
  1. Hamas Is a Social Justice Movement Fighting for Freedom. Hamas is not an underdog community of freedom fighters promoting social justice. Hamas, like ISIS, is a terror organization backed by billions of Iranian funds. Those funds are not used to provide clean water, electricity, schooling, healthcare, food and livable conditions for the Palestinians. Those funds are used to build tunnels, buy rockets and weapons that are deliberately stored in and around civilian homes where Palestinians serve as Hamas’s human shields. Hamas does not care about the Palestinian people. Hamas cares about eradicating the Jews from the land of Israel – from the river to the sea – a slogan many repeat with no understanding of its meaning. (Don’t take my word for it; go read the Hamas charter.) Here’s some free advice for those who repeat this slogan but do not understand its meaning. It means you support the annihilation of Jews from the Jordan River in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west.

You heard that correctly: Annihilation.

If you care about the Palestinians, work to free them from the clutches of living under this terrorist regime, who ordered Palestinians to not leave Gaza after Israel’s warning. Leaving means that Hamas loses their human shields and pawns.

  1. Jews Should Stay Quiet. Many friends have posted about this horrific situation, yet many others have not. When I’ve asked, the excuses amazed me. Some told me that they have businesses to run and can’t risk taking a political stance. Others are afraid to alienate their non-Jewish friends and neighbors. I also heard Jews state that they just don’t know enough to make a statement. Here’s the thing. We all have businesses to run and careers to worry about, but if we don’t respect ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to respect us? Haven’t we learned the lessons of the past about putting our heads down and keeping quiet? And to those who feel they don’t know enough to comment, there is no excuse for not educating yourself.

All that aside, this time it’s different. You don’t have to be a geo-politics scholar to publicly condemn the beheading and burning of babies, mass gang-rapes, death and destruction, and kidnapping of innocent people. There are hundreds of bodies that are still unidentified due to dismemberment and burning. There is no cause, political or otherwise, that can justify this type of barbaric sadism.

This time, there is no, “Yes, but…”

  1. Non-Jews Should Stay Quiet. New York City’s Mayor Adams told us that he stands with us as a brother. He acknowledged that he knows we are not okay.

And he is spot on. We. Are. Not. Okay.

We saw you change your profiles on social media in solidarity with France and other countries that suffered terrorist attacks. We saw you change your profiles for Black Lives Matter, and for Ukraine, and proudly display rainbow flags. As well you should. I did. Because we must all be there for one another. But now we are wondering, where are you?

Your silence is deafening and telling, and it hurts.

Eventually this will pass and we will all need to find a way forward. So please. I implore you. Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of history. But if you do, please know why we are no longer friends.

This time was different.

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