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Five YouTube Channels for tech help

Last week I met Gil Shourka.

Gil is an old acquaintance in the field of high-tech, and one of his specialties is digital media.Among other things, he works for Global Entrepreneurship Week – which is the world’s largest entrepreneurial network (150 countries!), and the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel. Previously, he held various positions in business development and digital media, in addition we can find in his portfolio the development of Alpha Epsilon Pi in Israel.

In our conversation, I told Gil of a common problem that I noticed for new entrepreneurs. Sometimes we don’t yet have an IT guy or one familiar with the tasks related to the integration of marketing technology. It is difficult to provide answers in this competitive world.For example, it could be, social media, building a website, media content, hardware repair or even spyware removal.

Gil got back to me a few hours later with an impressive list of YouTube channels that can help.


Subscribing to these five channels should cover a number of your tech needs:

Google Tech Talks

Areas of Expertise: Google, Unique things

What do they say about themselves?
Google Tech Talks is a grass-roots program at Google for sharing information of interest to the technical community. At its best, it’s part of an ongoing discussion about our world featuring top experts in diverse fields. Presentations range from the broadest of perspective overviews to the most technical of deep dives, on topics well-established to wildly speculative.

Areas of Expertise
: getting things done, Creative Solutions

What do they say about themselves?
Learn tips and tricks for everything from computers to brewing coffee from the team at Lifehacker. Want to learn how to make a touch-screen stylus from a candy wrapper? Done. Need to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper? Right here. Whether you want to be more productive or just have fun, you can find out how to do it all on

Areas of Expertise: Microsoft Windows, web browser , tweaks and more.

What do they say about themselves?

iYogi is a leading provider of technical support services to consumers and small businesses in the U.S, the U.K., Canada, Australia, and the GCC States, Welcome to one of our YouTube channels where we have provided how-to videos with step by step guides to fix, install, customize and setup things the way you like


Areas of Expertise: News and features

What do they say about themselves?

Mashable is the world’s largest independent website dedicated to news, information and resources for the connected generation. Here you’ll find interviews, reviews, and news on all things tech, social media, and internet culture.

Eli the Computer Guy

Areas of Expertise: Computer hardware repair

What do they say about themselves?

Eli the Computer Guy provides you with the knowledge to get paid in the technology profession. All classes, and videos, are created with an eye towards ROI, TCO, and keeping your CEO happy.

In conclusion, Gil provided me an excellent list. This is a great list, even if you just want to learn new things for fun. I hope you will like it too.

About the Author
Gadi Tishler previously worked for several years at Microsoft, and was living in Silicon Valley, today he lives in Israel.
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