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Flashdrive Obama: “Countering Violent Extremism”

I use “flashdrive” to describe Liberal Arts and Humanities majors who made good grades in prestigious universities because of their ability to absorb and regurgitate data like a flashdrive — for their flashdrive professors. As most computer users know, however, these memory sticks, despite absorbing and distributing data dutifully when called upon, are totally stupid, performing no logical operations on data at all. Pres. Obama, Marie Harf and a whole lot of Arts and Humanities liberals — as well as nearly all religious clerics of all stripes — epitomize flashdrives. A “nuance” in a flashdrive is an imaginary oxymoron.

Pres. Obama’s WH speech (2015.02.18) is accumulating a mountain of commentary about his latest “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” political sanitization — WH Obama-speak evading the world-wide threat of Muslim terrorism.

Even the introductory title apprises his audience that America is at war with members of drug cartels, gang-bangers in various American and European cities, rapists, murderers and any other nondescript persons who perpetrate some isolated act of “violent extremism” — but he explicitly emphasizes that this does not include Islam nor Muslims.

Furthermore, there is, according to Obama’s WH, no central cause, group, theme or association — and certainly not any religion — involved that could be targeted as a cause and enemy to be addressed and remedied.

This politically-sanitized foolishness is the product of flashdrives.

Arab Muslims of the Middle East, namely Egyptian Pres. al-Sisi, not western Muslims — certainly not non-Muslims like Obama — define this Islam-related enemy.

But Obama is insidiously attempting to realign American allies in the Islamic world. Currently, Egypt’s enemy and black sheep of Sunni Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood (including their Gaza Branch, Khamas) apparently discerns the prevailing winds most presciently (see next paragraph), kissing up to the Shiite Iran for backing, aligning Khamas with Khiz’b-Allah and the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad instead of Da’esh.

Perhaps somewhat in retaliation for the decades of betrayal underminings of American efforts by a number of Gulf and Middle East Arab countries and Turkey, Obama is now using his last two years trying to realign America’s Middle East strategies to fortify his vision of a Shiite {Iran, Syria, Khiz’b-Allah, Khamas, Houthi Yemen, et al.) axis that he (delusionally) envisions will, because of the Shiite minority position in the Arab world, be more dependent on US power – thus becoming reliable American allies in the Middle East unlike the endless undermining betrayals of the “old” Sunni “allies” of the Gulf and Turkey:

“Part of this realignment involves American capitulation on the nuclear issue, and an apparent carte blanche for stepped up Iranian activity and influence in the region. Iran is taking over Yemen (and throwing American diplomats out of the country); carving a sphere of influence in Iraq; continuing to support the brutal Assad regime in Damascus; strengthening Hizballah’s grip over Lebanon; engaging in subversion in Central Asia; and developing its terrorist apparatus. In the context of Obama’s “Grand Bargain” with Iran, all this seems to be okay. Tehran gets all it wants, while Washington gets an Iranian promise not to go nuclear AS LONG AS OBAMA IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE (emphasis added).” (see Obama’s Covert Realignment Interference In Israel’s Elections)

Accordingly, Obama is busy fighting America’s only long-time reliable ally in the Middle East — Israel represented by our PM Netanyahu, as well as alienating Egypt, befriending Khamas and Khiz’b-Allah, instead of Muslim Jihadist terrorists (see Obama FIghting Netanyahu Instead of Muslim Jihadist Terrorists)

“One of those challenges is the terrorist threat from groups like al Qaeda and ISIL… ISIL is terrorizing the people of Syria and Iraq, beheads and burns human beings in unfathomable acts of cruelty. We’ve seen deadly attacks in Ottawa and Sydney and, Paris, and now Copenhagen.”

But Obama acknowledges no involvement whatsoever by Muslims or Islam or religion. Perhaps the “lone wolf” attacks were perpetrated by elves having no connection at all? According to Obama’s WH, there is no connection between the various “people” and “human being” victims — EVERY ONE of whom just happen to be considered religious kuphâr (infidels) by Da’esh (ISIL); though, conversely, NOT ONE Muslim who is religiously compatible with the Da’esh version of Islam has been harmed. Moreover, Khiz’b-Allah, Khamas and a long list of other Muslim terrorist groups are excluded.

…we’re working with allies and partners to dismantle terrorist organizations

Since these are explicitly specified as not Muslims nor Islam, are these international drug cartels? Crime families? I mean you have to keep Khamas and Khiz’b-Allah off of the list of terrorist groups in order to do a deal with Iran on nukes.

By “violent extremism,” we don’t just mean the terrorists who are killing innocent people. We also mean the ideologies, the infrastructure of extremists…

What, exactly, is this ideology of amorphous drug cartels, crime families, gangs, etc.? Kin of hard to pin that down, huh? As Obama himself confirmed, ” We all know there is no one profile of a violent extremist or terrorist, so there’s no way to predict who will become radicalized. Around the world, and here in the United States, inexcusable acts of violence have been committed against people of different faiths, by people of different faiths — which is, of course, a betrayal of all our faiths. It’s not unique to one group, or to one geography, or one period of time.”

They try to portray themselves as religious leaders — holy warriors in defense of Islam… We must never accept the premise that they put forward, because it is a lie.

So non-Muslim Pres. Flashdrive presumes to tell Middle East Arab Muslim Imams who is Muslim, who is a Muslim leader and which of them “perverts Islam”.

Of the billion Muslims, Middle East Arab Muslims are the Islamic authorities — and they, not a handful of western Muslims (many of whom aren’t Arab), speak for Islam and the the “billion Muslims”. Certainly not Pres. Flashdrive.

If Pres. Flashdrive really wanted to cite an important Arab Muslim voice against terrorism why did he avoid commending Egyptian Pres. al-Sisi’s courageous stand? I’ll tell you why: promoting Egypt and Pres. al-Sisi doesn’t serve Obama’s realignment (see earlier link). No intelligent person thinks that Pres. al-Sisi is attempting to “suppress Islam.”

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