Clifford Rieders
Clifford Rieders

Flying under the radar

Flying under the radar, not very much in the news at all, is a decision by the Biden Administration to provide $235 million of United States aid to the Palestinian Authority.  The Palestinian Authority was set up by the Oslo Accords, brokered by William Clinton, between the Israelis and the Arabs living on the west bank of the Jordan River in 1994.  The west bank of the Jordan River, as a separate entity, did not exist until 1948 when the Kingdom of Jordan invaded Israel in an attempt to drive all Jews out of the Jewish homeland.  Jordan was a creation of the colonialist British Empire.  The land that became Jordan, had been promised to the Jewish people by declarations and treaty.  However, the Jews were double-crossed and instead the land was given to a small Arab tribe, the Hashemites, who still rule as a dictatorship today.

The West Bank of the Jordan River, a small piece of land between present-day Jordan and Israel, did not exist as a separate entity, but was rather illegally occupied by the Jordanians between 1948 and 1967.

The only reason why Israel was almost driven from its small remaining homeland in 1948 is that the British, when they left the region, turned over their arms to the Royal Jordanian Kingdom, the United States opposed a blockade against Israel, although recognizing the right of the Jewish nation to exist, and the rest of the world turned a blind eye.  The Jews, virtually unarmed at the time, wound up having Jordan as an illegal occupier in its very guts.

The Oslo Accords, Bill Clinton hoped, would create peace between Israel and the small Arab enclave just to the west of the Jordan River.  Unfortunately, Clinton’s attempt was torpedoed by the Palestinian Authority which was created to govern the entity.  The so-called PA was the successor to Yasser Arafat’s terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The PA today is a tinhorn dictatorship, which receives an enormous amount of foreign aid and peddles most of it away in secret Swiss bank accounts controlled by the corrupt officials who run the territory.

Why is the United States giving $235 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority and other anti-Israel groups?  Aid had been suspended for the PA, Hamas and others because they pay money to families of terrorists to commit murder against Jews in Israel and the west bank, as well as other places in the world.  As a result of the PA promoting terrorism, the United States passed the Taylor Force Act prohibiting aid except in specific humanitarian situations.  The Arabs were required to stop using American money to make payments to those who kill Jews or to families of murderers as direct rewards for killing Jews.  On March 18th the State Department informed the Senate that in 2019 the Palestinian government controlling the west bank of the Jordan River spent $342.6 million on payments to Arabs who killed Jews.

The Biden Administration has announced that payments would be “consistent with US law,” but that is impossible.  Any money that the United States gives the Palestinian Authority, frees up funds to be used for the nefarious activities of the dictatorship.

Only recently the Palestinian Authority, through its propaganda machine, accused Israel of failing or refusing to provide the Covid-19 vaccine, something with the Israeli government, of course, has no obligation to do.  However, the Israeli government did in fact did make such an offer, but the Palestinian Authority turned it down, instead preferring to try to obtain a vaccine from Russia.  Russia did not make good on its promises but Israel has.

The Palestinian Authority continues to deny Israel’s right to identify itself as a Jewish state and continues its relationship with other terrorist groups, especially those in the Gaza Strip.  The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that for prior fiscal years, the USAID “did not consistently ensure” that grants would not be passed along to terrorist groups and individuals terrorists.  Corruption is no endemic in the Palestinian Authority that it does not resemble any legitimate state.

What are we doing in this country and why?  Why, when our own needs are so great and we are in terrible debt as a result of the recent pandemic, are we giving money to those who not only hate our country, but are waging a continual war of annihilation against the Jewish people?  Have we not learned the lessons of the Holocaust and genocide throughout the world?  When a nation as great as the United States empowers and finances terrorism, the consequences will always rebound to our detriment.

As other nations within the Arab world, for their own self reasons, begin to recognize the inevitability of the Jewish state, the United States it appears is flopping back to earlier failed policy. Even an Israeli Arab who serves in the Knesset, the Israeli’s Parliament, has now begun to support the government of Israel.  Anyone who has traveled to Israel, the West Bank or surrounding Arab nations, will realize instantly that the only nation in the region that provides peace, freedom, security and good health for its people and its inhabitants, regardless of their race or religion, is the Israeli state.  By supporting those who do not share American interests and whose continuing goal is the destruction of the Jewish state, we should be turning a blind eye.  Instead of wasting money on the corrupt Palestinian Authority, let us do something to secure our own border and to develop a rational immigration policy.

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Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate in Williamsport, is Past President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and a past member of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.
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