Follow the Money in Palestine

Some are concerned about the plight of the poor Palestinians. I understand their concern and wish the peaceful Palestinians a better life.

However, most Palestinians, according to their own polls, believe that all of Israel is their own land and hate the Israelis so much that they are unable to learn from their mistakes. If they wanted a reasonable life, they would not behave like they do in Gaza, and instead they would have become peaceful and learned to live side by side with Israel. That, in time might have led to an independent region of their own. But instead they rather murder Israeli Jews, as they are doing again now.

Two key issues: First, a quarter of their GDP (gross domestic product) is from working in Israel. Peaceful Arabs are eager to work for Israeli companies. They get double the income with free transportation, food, medical care and even retirement. But despite that every time they have an intifada, some Palestinians murder their Jewish bosses or coworkers and the Israelis lay off many of them fearing, justly, for their own lives. And the Palestinian GDP drops.

Second, since their women are second class citizens – as dictated by their religion, they do not have control of their bodies and thus have too many children to support.

Third, they can get support from the PLO and the UN only if they stay in the same old homes their family occupied before 1948. They do not have the freedom to move around in order to maintain a massive fake refugee problem. And the UN, via the US and EU, is supporting this immoral fake-refugees arrangement that hurt their own people.

But how poor are they? After the second intifada they lost a lot of economic ground and their GDP was $4,832 million. But after Netanyahu became PM, he took a lot of political flack and security risks to improve their condition. He reduced many roadblocks and did many additional economic measures to increase their economy. For example, Israel supplies them twice the water agreed upon. In 2010 their GDP doubled from $4,832 million to $8,913. And in 2013 grow even faster from Netanyahu’s supportive actions to $12,578. An outstanding 11% growth per year, even faster than China in its peak.

Did you ever wonder why still so many Palestinians are poor despite this economic growth, and despite the $25 billions that were donated to them over the last 20 year after the Peace Accord? The largest per capita amount of long term support of any other people on Earth?

Because of 1. Massive graft, and 2. The immense amount of money allocated to support both imprisoned terrorists in addition to their families. They are getting high monthly support to encourage others to join terrorism.

And a large parts is being stolen, some 750 million dollar was stolen for Arafat and his family alone.

The massive Palestinian graft has visible rewards:

In this 90 picture display you will see houses of the Palestinian’s rich and famous that will boggled your mind.

Look below at the luxury many Palestinian live and tell me what you think.

A Photo Album of Palestinian Luxury in the West Bank from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs


About the Author
Dr. Matania Ginosar was born and raised in Israel to a family that has lived in Israel for more than 200 years. At age 15, he joined the Lechi underground to liberate Israel and was arrested by the British. He is a founding member of a kibbutz near the Gaza border. Dr. Ginosar has a B.S. & M.S. in Electrical Engineering. He was a Teaching Assistant MIT. M.S. management as well as Doctorate in Environmental Science from UCLA. Twenty yr. in Electronic Engineering. Manager Solar office and Wind- Energy program for State of California, Pioneered wind energy in Calif, first in the world. Directed political activists against nuclear weapons' buildup Pro bono for 9 yrs. Blogging on Israeli issues for over 15 yrs. writer, teacher.
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