Following Brussels, let the usual Israel-bashing begin

Priorities, priorities! A Muslim woman demonstrated hers at an improvised memorial for the victims of the recent Islamic terror attacks in Brussels.

In a video clip posted online, the hijab-clad woman with a Palestinian flag in hand is seen rifling through national flags laid on the pavement amidst candles, flowers and mementoes in memory of the victims who hailed from some 40 countries. She finds an Israeli flag, picks it up and tears it apart before replacing it with the Palestinian flag. She does all this in full view of European bystanders who look on passively.

How classy. Some of her coreligionists have just slaughtered 31 random people and grievously wounded scores of others at an airport and inside an underground, and what does this Muslim woman do? She engages in a bit of petty Israel-bashing. Clearly, for people like this woman any venue should suffice to hate on the Jewish state. And many Europeans don’t seem to find anything wrong with that.

No surprise there, though. The peculiar pathologies of large segments of Muslim societies have long been on full display for anyone who cares to pay attention. Rabid Jew-hatred has been a permanent feature of them to such an extent that it’s hardly even worth batting an eyelid over it. Meanwhile, European countries, like Belgium, have been importing those pathologies wholesale along with the large numbers of Muslim immigrants and migrants to the continent.

Islamic terrorists, be they homegrown or newly arrived, have made no secret of their intent to destroy Western civilization and kill any Jews wherever they find them. Yet when they strike (whether in London, Paris, Toulouse or Brussels), all many Europeans can rouse themselves to do in response is to wring their hands, gather mournfully for candlelight vigils, sing along to “Give Peace a Chance” … and blame Israel.

Philippe Moureaux did just that. The Belgian politician, who was a longtime mayor of Molenbeek, oversaw the transformation of a once sleepy municipality of Brussels into a “no-go zone” of Islamic radicalism. Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a mastermind of last November’s Paris terror attacks, and his recently captured fugitive accomplice, Salah Abdeslam, came from the predominantly Muslim district’s jihad-chic milieu. So did the Belgian-born brothers Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, who were behind a pair of suicide attacks now in Brussels, in the very heart of the European Union’s administrative center.

And whose fault all that homegrown homicidal jihadism does Mr. Moureaux think it is? You’ve guessed it. “It is obvious,” the Socialists of Molenbeek party stalwart surmised in an interview in January last year, right after the massacre by two French-born Muslims of cartoonists in the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris, “that they [the Jews] are trying to create hatred for Arabs here in the West, in order to justify the policies of the state of Israel, policies that appear unacceptable to me.”

Presumably, just to “create hatred for Arabs in the West,” those conniving “Zionists” also engineered the attack on Brussels’ Jewish Museum a few months prior by a naturalized French Muslim terrorist of Algerian extraction, who shot four Jews dead in cold blood. And so it will no doubt go this time around too: After another Islamist massacre in Europe will inevitably occasion another round of myriad Europeans gnashing their teeth at those evil Zionists.

Islamic terrorism is becoming a fact of life across Western Europe. Pervasive Jew-hatred among many Muslim immigrants and mindless anti-Israel posturing among European lefties are never far behind. Let’s get ready for plenty more of both.

About the Author
A journalist and writer, Tibor Krausz is the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas, or so he keeps telling himself, even though he has no idea why being considered to be an insect’s leg joints or a feline’s nightwear is supposed to be a compliment.