For the love of a mother

Oh dear G-d
What have you done
What is the reason
For separating us
If it’s a punishment
Why couldn’t you
Punish me
instead of him

My son, my son
My beloved son
So far from home
I wish i could see you
Happy with us
I wish i could tell you
I loved you much
I wish i could hug you
And never stop
I wish i could kiss you
And wish you good night
I wish i could say
One last good bye

He was our life
He was our soul
He was the future
Of this world
What have you done
Oh dear G-d
Please tell me this is a lie
Tell me it is not my son
Tell me: “do not cry
He is home”

But you have taken him
Away from me
With the excuse of a war
We supposedly won
Don’t give me back a hero
Who will live in my past
I beg you with my soul
Please. Dear G-d
Let him come back home

About the Author
Abraham Benguigui was born on October 14, 1993 in Caracas, Venezuela. He was raised in the Jewish community and moved to the United States to get an undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering, specializing in lighting.