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‘For these things I weep…’

Children brought up to hate, those trapped in dictatorships, Jews who spurn their fellow Jews…
An ultra-Orthodox woman whistles in protest of the Women of the Wall group's Rosh Hodesh (New Jewish month) prayer at the Western Wall, in Jerusalem's Old City, on July 7, 2016 (Hadas Parush/Flash90)
An ultra-Orthodox woman whistles in protest of the Women of the Wall group's Rosh Hodesh (New Jewish month) prayer at the Western Wall, in Jerusalem's Old City, on July 7, 2016 (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

For these things I weep…

…For the incorrigible leaders of destructive, radical religious groups. These are the real-life bullies who think power is might and saying sorry is weak; who answer love with hatred and kindness with evil. Who speak in one tongue to the world leaders and an antithetical one to their blind followers whom they’ve oppressed and stifled, stolen from and abused, for far too long.

…For Western leaders whose well-meaning naiveté allows them to be fooled by the antics and thinly veiled promises of these charlatan leaders whose promises are utterly void of integrity. Who are too afraid to stand up to them lest they let loose their threatened rage. Haven’t they let enough rage loose?

…For the misguided world citizens who draw inexplicable moral equivalence between those who adhere to the radical invective, and the victims of their hateful, abhorrent actions. Citizens of the world, seek out the truth, and follow your moral principles!

…For the millions of children brought up to hate, who never know love unless it is at the expense of another.

…For those trapped in dictatorships desperately wanting peace but unable to act on it for fear of their lives.

…For the weeping family members of the terror victims, whose loss is incomprehensible and senseless but who turn that sorrow into rock-solid faith (or is their rock-solid faith in the merciful God that which mollifies their sorrow?). These are they who often end up consoling those who came to comfort THEM.

…For our Jewish brothers who push away and belittle others who practice their Judaism differently than they do. Haven’t we learned our lesson that Hashem’s primary will is for us to treat each other with mutual respect and love, putting His own honor second? Accepting another’s religious practice does not diminish yours. Dialogue, nicely. Listen, and be heard.

…For BDS proponents whose hypocrisy allows them to benefit from Israeli ingenuity, generosity and technology while they spew righteous indignation.

I weep even as we fulfill our divine mission as a “Light unto the Nations”.  As we plant seeds of love and stand tall as moral beacons in a world that often seems to be spinning out of control.

I weep in the place where innovation and expertise truly originate from a genuine will to make the world a better place. Where we offer our hand and care to all citizens of the world, and even hostile neighbors and enemies, because when it comes down to it we value life. We choose life. Because our God is Holy and we are all created in His image.

I weep even as we hold the hands of those who suffer, and support them until our shared tears of sadness turn into tears of celebration. Because all of Israel are friends and we love each other as ourselves.

I weep as I marvel at the innate connection that we have to this precious sliver of land, proven anew daily by archaeological and historical facts. As we answer Golda Meir’s rhetorical question: “Does history start now?” Most assuredly not.

I weep as I hold on to hope, never ceasing to believe that love between brothers will triumph and good will prevail, for we will make it so.

I believe with perfect faith that those who sow in tears will reap with songs of Joy.

May it be soon and in our days.

About the Author
Leah Jacobson made aliya to Raanana from Seattle with her husband and children in 2011. She learns at Matan, is a trained Madrichat Kallot and teaches Torah and Art in several forums from elementary school through seminary and beyond. Her passion is for combining personal expression with Jewish History- ancient and modern.
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