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Forget the upcoming elections and just #AskHamas

For example: Can you order Dominos through the smuggling tunnels or are you more a Pizza Hut kind of group?

With all the election talk, polls, and just trying to figure out which is the lesser of evils to vote for (can you tell I am still undecided), we really need a break from all the whoopla.

It seems like that breath of fresh air is actually coming from our enemy, Hamas. Yep. Remember all those Israel Advocacy campaigns where they tell you how Hamas has the better PR. Well today they don’t. Really. Just #AskHamas.

Google it. Search it on Twitter. And break out the tissues. Because it’s time to have a laugh. See, their idea was to show the European public that they’re “not a terrorist movement but a nationalist liberation movement.”

Was that a little chuckle I hear over the latest election ad that appeared out of nowhere while watching the Youtube video of the tiny kitty getting stuck in a shoe? It was liberation all right. But. Oops. Fail. Poop. Liberation of the truth. Even before the campaign officially started, people began to have a field day with the hashtag #AskHamas, and asking some seriously great questions:

#AskHamas Long time infidel, first time caller. Why have you made homosexuality a capital offense? Why do you punish rape victims?

Does it bug you Khaled Meshal was living it up in Doha while you were cowering w/fear in your hospital bunkers during the war? #AskHamas

#AskHamas‪ do you adhere to the Geneva conventions or do you expect only Israel to be bound by them?

#AskHamas was hitting this 13-year-old Arab Muslim Israeli with a rocket part of your plan to “free Palestine?”

#AskHamas Please rank in order of importance: 1. Healthcare 2. Housing 3. Social services 4. Defeating Fatah 5. Tunnels to kill Jews

And also some that are just funny (I have added some of mine to the mix…shameless I know)

During today’s #AskHamas session , We asked those tunnel diggers could they build the Underground metro for Dublin. 

#AskHamas – Can you order Dominos through the smuggling tunnels or are you more a Pizza Hut kind of group?

#AskHamas do you think MC Hammer pants will ever be back in fashion? Also why do you force children to be human shields?

Well, #AskHamas was a big success. Looking forward to #WassupIsis.

#AskHamas How does it feel to have your campaign hijacked by Zionists? lol

So democracy might make us sad. What with the new horrible campaign ads; parties with no real agenda; the newer horrible campaign ads. But it seems that facist evil dictatorship will always make us laugh. Especially when the joke’s on them. This time we’re laughing at you.

Got a question? One-liner? Or just the truth? Go ahead and #AskHamas.

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