Fossil Records Refute Evolution

The fossil records used to justify evolution all have millions of years of gaps, when an assumed predecessor can be found. There is no transitional fossil between completed species in the fossil records. There is no moment of movement between water and land. Nothing in between to show the point of connection between two completed species.

Of all the fossils found, not one shows the gradual change between species. Evolutionists write off those who point out the missing evidence by referring to their argument as a fallacy, without taking the time to debate anything.

One such defender of the fossil records who supports evolution is Michael Shermer, who has been publishing work at Scientific American since 2017.

One such article was the The Fossil Fallacy, which states:

“We know evolution happened not because of transitional fossils such as A. natans but because of the convergence of evidence from such diverse fields as geology, paleontology, biogeography, comparative anatomy and physiology, molecular biology, genetics, and many more. No single discovery from any of these fields denotes proof of evolution, but together they reveal that life evolved in a certain sequence by a particular process.”

Within the argument an important note must be made about what has been admitted. There is no proof, not just from a single field, but every field. Not a single discovery has resulted in successfully proving evolution happened.

Gunter Bechley, a German paleo-entomologist who specializes in the fossil history of insects and former curator at the State Museum of Natural History, is a critic of Darwin.

From Evolution News and Science:

“Indeed, the fossil record is highly discontinuous and strongly contradicts Darwin’s prediction of gradualism. Even Darwin himself was quite aware of this problem for his theory and therefore tried to explain it away as a mere artifact of undersampling of a very incomplete fossil record. The famous vertebrate paleontologist Philip Gingerich once irritably remarked that “gaps of evidence are gaps of evidence and not evidence of gaps.”

The Philip Gingerich being referred to by Bechley is Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Gingerich wrote a paper for Systematic Zoology to give evidence of evolution, Punctuated Equilibria – Where is the Evidence, which stated:

“It may be true that paleontological gaps are caused by punctuation, but this is not demonstrated by mere existence of gaps themselves.”

One of the foremost experts in his field and staunch supporter of evolution admitted that the gaps were not evidence of anything.

Pick any species where transitional fossils are claimed to link an ancient species to a modern species, when fossils can be discovered at all. Every single one shows gaps of millions of years between completed species with nothing in between. Those are the gaps that both Gingerich and Shermer both admit cause serious problems with evolution. In other words, the lack of evidence is not evidence.

Using whales as one example, numerous sources will give you the Pakicetus, a non-aquatic animal that was considerably smaller than whales are today. It took about 3 million years to get Indohyus, another land animal. 5 million years later gets Ambulcetus, an animal similar to alligators. 12 million years later gets to the modern whale.

There are no transitional fossils leading from one to another. Millions of years pass of slow transition from one to another until getting to whales, without a single fossil record being left as evidence. Careful reading includes things like believed or thought to have happened, since there is no direct evidence to support the claim.

Darwin knew he had problems with the Cambrian explosion, which was a sudden burst of life that appeared in the fossil records with nothing preceding them. It was, and is, called Darwin’s dilemma, since it is something that should not exist.

From Science Daily:

“To the question of why we do not find rich fossiliferous deposits belonging to these…periods prior to the Cambrian system, I can give no satisfactory answer.”

Those were Darwin’s exact words regarding the Cambrian explosion. No satisfactory answer without more fossil discoveries predating the sudden burst of life. No fossils preceding Cambrian have ever been found.

Recent developments tell us the explosion happened over a shorter period of time. Nothing in nature is supposed to leap. Darwin’s belief of gradual changes does not allow for leaps, yet that is what happened with the Cambrian explosion.

From Natural History:

“Now, new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) is revealing that this explosion was far shorter than many experts had thought.”

The still unexplained Cambrian explosion did not show gradual anything. It was a leap and a vast one at that.

Even Darwin could admit the lack of evidence preceding Cambrian left him without answers, yet his modern-day supporters ignore it. His entire belief of evolution arising through gradual changes hinged on something predating Cambrian, which nothing does.

Fossil records do not support Darwin’s belief in evolution. There are no slow changes showing transition in a single fossil and no explanation for why nothing predates the Cambrian explosion. The evidence is completely lacking.

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