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Four days of proofs why US Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is a fraud

Immediately when President Trump nominated her at a super-spreader event, I blogged about the evil of her stance of ‘I love the Constitution.’

But there is more.

The greatest fraud in US political history, con artist Trump, asks you to participate in his scheme to be his political choice to bend the Supreme Court to the right. If you do, it doesn’t help if you swear to the G^d of the Universe that you’ll do an honorable job. You’ll be his hitman and a fraud.

If, as Senator Amy Klobuchar expressed so beautifully, you participate in the scam to pack the Court with judges before Trump is voted out, you’re an enemy of the People, even if thousands would vouch for your integrity.

If you claim to be impartial and all the Republicans say so and none of the Democrats say so, you are, just like Brett Kavanaugh, partial and a liar.

Not only this rushed appointment is a con job. So is the new judge.

The Torah says it very clearly and it is specifically talking to judges: Tzedek tzedek tirdof, literally: justice justice you will pursue (Deuteronomy 16:20). The simple meaning is, explain the Rabbis, that not only justice you seek to rule by, but also the means to get to justice should be just. One wonders how well-respected judges could agree to participate in such a charade for all to see. My guess: probably by flattery. As G^d tells us (Deuteronomy 16:19): a bribe blinds the eye. So if you’d ask her: How can you be so dishonest, she will not know what you’re talking about. That’s being blinded. Not knowing that she’s not neutral. (After being sworn to the truth, from a written statement, she even openly thanked the President and First Lady for the favor of kindness shown her and her family.) But the Senators who will vote her in just before the end of the national elections aren’t blinded. They’re fully aware of their swindle. They’re really villains.

In her first statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she assured again to be fully blind to truth and justice, good and evil, and will only rule what the law says. She would have functioned perfectly in Nazi Germany. It’s not her problem if the law is immoral. It’s a problem of the legislators. In fact, she implies that if she has to rule in accordance with the Law against morality, the system is at fault, not she. Which is the befehl ist befehl (orders are orders) defense by the Nazi war criminals, struck down at Nuremberg. I’m not saying that she’s hiding her immoral work ethics. Rather, she’s as convinced of her innocence as any Wehrmacht soldier was about his. She seems a very friendly and moral citizen, wife, mother, sister, and daughter, but when it comes to her work, she’ll be a ruthless monster. O, you think I’m exaggerating? She’s expected to outlaw gay marriage and abortion, to enable job and housing discrimination for LGBTQs, possibly to criminalize sodomy, and throw tens of millions of Americans from their health care, even if they would die from it. With these exact expectations, President Trump has nominated her. Such a person I call a fiend at work.

Groucho Marx famously said, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.” This nominee should have said, “I don’t want to be nominated by someone who clearly does not respect truth or the law.”


The second day of the hearings, she answered as Kavanaugh, not divulging how conservative she really is, while RBG in the same position did answer. She’s ‘not allowed’ to reveal her positions. How dishonest that is shows in that all the Republicans want her and all the Democrats don’t want her. So, clearly, she has her set opinions. As Kavanaugh since his appointment, who has shown any time I looked, always voting with the conservative justices.

Her lack of integrity also showed in how she (not) reacted to a demagogy Republicans played out at this hearing. Republican commission members stated time and time again that they totally reject any innuendo by Democrats that her Catholic faith would make her obey Scripture instead of the Constitution. Not once did she respond truthfully that their Democratic colleagues never accuse her of that, making her complicit.

Senator Blumenthal remarked that President Trump and the Republicans want her to be the ninth justice in the Court to decide the election. If, with all her impartiality, she would indeed not recuse herself from such a case, that would do irreparable damage to the standing of the Supreme Court.

He also caught her lying. He did so very gently. She had said that Trump’s case before the Court on November 10 does not endanger preexisting conditions. He then said, but they want to strike out all of Obama Care and that includes them, right? She had to say yes. She had lied before.


I didn’t see all of it but I didn’t spot anything major new in the last days’ deliberations. I recommend checking out WP’s excellent commentators.

Last but not least, this chilling, informed judgment about this nominee: “You can be kind, you can be smart, but, if you’re going to be embracing an ideology that regards some of our citizens as worthy of lesser rights and fewer freedoms, that’s disqualifying….” Hear it here, from 31:40-37:40:


In truth, pun intended, a conservative court in capitalist society will over-protect the rich and exploiters, while a progressive court will try to push society toward more protection of the weak and being more humane.

Last but not least, a kind of optimistic note. When generals told President Lindon B. Johnson that it was possible to nuclear bomb North Vietnam, Johnson reportedly said: Yes, and then the American People will tear down the fence around the White House and lynch the president. My parallel: If the US Supreme Court would ever take away healthcare of tens of millions of people, or the right to marry from 11 million non-Straights, or end legal abortions, no police force or army would be able to contain the ensuing revolt that would dwarf the previous American Civil War. The Justices know this. They have no way to take such monstrous decisions.

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