Fraudulent Moves by a Fraudulent Regime

So this week we learned that Hassan Rouhani’s Twitter account is a fraud. An information that shouldn’t surprise us at all as the regime that created the fraud account is a fraud itself.

What else have we learned recently about the Islamic Republic? The nuclear file has been moved to the Foreign Ministry and the National Security Council isn’t in charge of nuclear negotiations anymore.

How are these two moves related to each other? Not at all on first sight. But they are in fact part of a larger setting created by the Supreme Dictator of Iran – Ayatollah Khamenei, who no matter is in charge of this and that for five minutes, is the one calling the shots in Teheran every single second.

The role allocation has become visible: conciliatory rhetoric, camouflage changes and the same old radical ideology underneath. We’ve seen this before, right? During the Khatami years.

Those who have already fallen for the latest propaganda move of the Iranian dictatorship should admit the complete collapse of their analytical approach to this crisis. And then ask themselves why Ayatollah Khamenei is orchestrating this illusion?

Because he feels safe. Let me sum it up for you: this dictatorship has made an attempt to blow up the Saudi Ambassador in Washington, D.C., it has invaded the Syrian civil war with its most radical forces which are the IRGC and its centrifuges keep spinning while Iran’s civil society continues to be deprived of its legitimate rights. Looks like the Iranian regime is getting away with whatever they’ve done to their own people, to the region and the rest of the world. At least part of Hezbollah has been designated as a terrorist group this summer – better late than never. And at least sanctions that are breaking the Iranian economy apart are in place, but the truth is those sanctions need another strategy to work more effectively. Credible military pressure. And by credible I mean American. The more forceful the pressure the more realistic that we can solve this crisis peacefully. A lesson the end of the Cold War has taught us all. A strategy that only works when the US President doesn’t carry out a policy like he’s the Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein.

What we have seen from Barack Obama on Syria tragically hints that he won’t get serious about Iran as well. The irony here is that Europe is inadvertently moving towards regime change in Iran as patience is gone with the Ayatollah’s and the IRGC’s. Fraudulent tweets make that impatience only grow stronger.

About the Author
Saba Farzan is a German-Iranian journalist and Executive Director at Foreign Policy Circle, a strategy think tank in Berlin.