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Free At Last!

It’s been a long nine months – a very long and difficult nine months.
Being over 60 years old, having a health condition, and wishing to follow the ever changing Ministry of Health regulations, my wife and I  have been especially careful to do our best not to catch COVID-19.
We have celebrated the Pesach Seder by ourselves.
We stayed locked down for months, not being able to join a Minyan for prayer services. When we finally were allowed out, we still didn’t attend a synagogue, but rather joined with a small group in an outdoor playground or parking deck.
We didn’t visit the Old City of Jerusalem, and therefore didn’t pray at the Kotel (Western Wall).
We didn’t invite guests for Shabbat meals, and didn’t accept invitations that others extended.
We didn’t see our local grandchildren indoors and didn’t hug or kiss them when we stayed distant from them outdoors, and we didn’t visit our other children and grandchildren in the States.
We had our groceries delivered, and didn’t enter crowded malls, when they were finally opened.
Whenever we went out, we wore masks. And while my mask was at chin level when I jogged in the early morning, if I saw another intrepid enthusiast approaching, I raised mine to cover my nose until s/he passed.
My wife didn’t attend gym classes or the sports center pool (whenever it was allowed to be open).
But now it should finally change.
We are scheduled for our first anti-COVID vaccination in two days, on December 21st.
Three weeks afterwards, on January 11th, we should be scheduled for our second dose.
And after a week’s further waiting, to ensure that our bodies are ready to produce antibodies if necessary, it will be January 18th, Martin Luther King’s Day, as celebrated in the United States.
And we will raise our heads and hands to the heavens, and repeat Martin’s immortal words,
About the Author
I studied in Jerusalem for a year when I was 19 years old, and developed a love for Israel and especially Jerusalem. It took me over 40 years to finally fulfill my life's dream and make Aliyah to Jerusalem. I had been a computer programmer for 37 years, but now, after retirement, study full time in yeshiva, and was granted Semicha two years ago.
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