Freedom of Religion*

For all the Western countries struggling with the issue of freedom of religion vs. people taking advantage of that freedom, I have an idea.

My freedom of religion formula is simple.

Everyone gets the freedom to choose and practice their religion as they please*

Notice the asterisk.

* When one person or a group of people choose to kill and or hurt others because they believe their religion says so, or they believe in a religion that says their is no tolerance for any other religion, then they then automatically lose their freedom of religion.

Force those people to lose their religion. They will now only be allowed to be atheists.

No G-d for them anymore. They’ve abused that right and privilege. No more prayer. No dressing in your religiously traditional way. No more associating with the other adherers of your former religion.

Belief and service to G-d is a privilege. It’s a right that can be used with respect to others or it can be taken advantage of and abused.

Currently there are many people abusing this right all over the world.

The concept and right to freedom of religion is one that was and is hard fought for by the same people those abusing the right want to kill.

Do you see the absurdity? People are fighting for the freedom of religion and then there are those people who abuse that freedom as an excuse to destroy us because they have that very same freedom.

The madness needs to stop.

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