Freedom’s Victory in Iran is the Wish of the World

Perhaps the divine will for Iranians has been to have neighbors who have a general sense of hostility and revenge towards Israel. For the neighboring countries, they are by no means the language or national culture of these countries; rather, their leadership and insistence is on this hostility. The countries of Turkey and Iran, albeit with little difference in behavior and conduct, carry such hatred and warfare in their relationship. They are with Israel, and maybe if they are able to act far more sinister than some Arabs, they are by no means the founder or the forerunner of this inhumane move and will not be able to compete with some Arabs in this matter.

What our people shouted proudly during the first years of the revolution was the word “Palestine”, which was due to the mere ignorance of the years before the Islamic Revolution and the total ignorance not only of the intellectuals of our society but also of the entire 35 million population of the country. How could the armed guerrillas and the defender of the “people of Palestine”, with the acceptance of the dangers of security and safety by the police and the country’s judicial authorities for the purpose of traveling to Lebanon or Iraq, to ​​flood the air during their guerrilla warfare, but at the same time Seeing Israel and enriching revolutionary experiences? Or at the opening hours and early days of February 17th, in the streets, machine guns and Palestinian “kafia” defend the revolution?

Was this a tricky laugh for the Iranian intellectuals? Not at all! What’s the terrorist group of the “Red Guards” from Japan? They saw Israel only once, when at the Bangor Airborne airport they opened fire on their machine gun on women and children at the airport. Today, in Iran, the level of citizens’ awareness and political literacy has grown tremendously at the level of an ordinary European or American citizen, due to modern facilities and modern technologies, so that excuse for the Arab-Israeli conflict and confrontation with many Iranians is virtuous. .

Everyone else in the country is aware that the emergence of the state of Israel took place at the Lausanne Conference in 1949, with the approval of the United Nations, on the condition of respect and the establishment of two Arab-Jewish governments; and the Arab states, with their profound mischief, insisted on exaggerated They “made” their “share”; they fueled war and fire before the formation of the state of Israel or later. Of course, there were also separate peace talks between Egypt and Israel on the Gaza Strip, as well as between Jordan and Israel on Jerusalem, as well as Fortunately, between Lebanon and Israel, contrary to the general beliefs and desires of the Arab League. But how will that suffice us?!

The Islamic Republic is losing and insolvent in all areas of propaganda and deception, which claims to be dominant and authoritative, in terms of hostility and hostility to Israel, such as the threat of the use of nuclear weapons and missile defenses by regime-backed terrorists like Hamas. It is not in vain that even the regime of Erdogan avoids showing its anti-Semitic character among the Turkish people. Erdogan has seen the brutal loss of the Islamic Republic’s leaders in washing up Iran’s public opinion about Israel. But to the extent that the street people in Iran are dissatisfied with the Arab conflict and hostility to Israel, they are at the bottom of the awareness of this issue. It’s painful among some Iranians outside the country.

The defense of every humanitarian and peaceful move between the Arabs and Israel is the duty of every Iranian militant abroad. On the other hand, it must be considered precise and friendly boundaries in matters such as “refraining from advocacy in the conflicts of the parties”. All of this is essential from today and before the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Neighbors and our friends will, above all, be proud of the anti-fascist struggles of our people, and they will not give up any help or assistance in the success and implementation of it. The victory of the defenseless people, who conduct their liberation movement on the basis of the struggle against fascism and racial and geopolitical dominance, brings happiness to other nations of the region and the world.

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.