Victoria Sarazin
Victoria Sarazin

From a sadist July 14 to another…

This, was my drawing of July 14.


I acknowledge, nobody can’t look so smart with a Phrygian cap but anyways. It remains true.


14 juillet

On July 14  1789, the insurgents of Paris release 7 prisoners and steal the porn and visionary handwriting roll Sade left in his jail cell in the Bastille (As insane, he was taken in early July to Charenton asylum. Seriously, what an unlucky man)

* Why porn? Because it was the 120 Days of Sodom, work of an absolute perversion.

** Why visionary? Because Sade describes here sexual ignominy as an instrument of power.

*** Yes, I got dressed up after July 14, 2016…

About the Author
Victoria worked as broadcaster, print journalist, illustrator and court reporter in France. Living in Israel for 8 years, she teaches and opened the very first art gallery in Florentin (this country makes you crazy). More seriously, she is the happy mother of three wonderful kids and she makes clafoutis, crumble and tiramisu very well.