From Belgium to The Democratic Party

There are terrible anti-Semitic events happening in parallel in Europe and right here in America.

This past week, Belgium hosted mocking and hateful caricatures of Orthodox Jews in their carnival procession. And right here in Washington, D.C., the Democratic Party made a complete farce of the handling of one of its own anti-Semites, Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Omar continues to vent her hatred against Israel even going so far as to denounce its supporters as having “dual loyalty.”  Whereas it is Ilhan Omar who has been the one repeatedly spewing her hate since coming on board Congress just a few months ago {e.g. support for Israel is “All about the Benjamins baby“!}…maybe it’s Ilhan Omar who is really the one with the dual loyalty.

The Democratic Party now governed by the alt-left, the likes of Omar, Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez, were unable to put together a resolution condemning the anti-Israel and anti-Semitism that its members are now regularly unleashing.  Instead, the Democrats created an “everything but the kitchen sink” condemnation of all hate, which completely missed the point of addressing the specific virulent hate-mongering currently going on in their party.

However, none of this is really new to the Democratic Party and where it has been going: from Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown” to Louis Farrakhan “Anti-termites” and Linda Sarsour’s “Oppressor” bigoted taunts of Israel and the Jews.  As the haters in the Democratic Party keep piling on, it certainly does seem that they are going down the road to becoming the anti-Israel and Anti-Jewish party, as President Trump has pointed out.

It is so disheartening to see the Democratic party reverting back to its ugly days and roots of hate during/after the Civil War when they were the party of “opposition to civil and political rights for African Americans.”  The question is how far down this evil path will things again go–and will 2019 eventually lead us right back to 1939–if we but dare close our eyes to what is happening with the new normal for bad behavior?

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Andy Blumenthal is business and technology leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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