From British Mummy to Nazi Hunter


I’m a 47-year-old London based Jewish mother from a typical North London Jewish family . I’m not part of any major Jewish organisation .

My career was the music industry,radio and voice over work.

I had always taken an interest during my 20s and 30s in issues surrounding Israel. My friends and I put on many events to help Jewish causes and to support Israel.

Little did I know that during and after having my daughter, I would be involved in one of the biggest wars ever fought from my computer screen.

Since 1996 the online war against antisemitism started .

Yahoo and  Paltalk political rooms were filled with extremist Islamic preachers including Anjem Chaudary and others . We tried our best to inform the police and other Antisemitic monitoring services but nobody was interested.
It was left to a few to guard and stand up for Israel and the Jewish people to a few users of the system .

In 2008 my battle began.

A war of hatred started on twitter including anti-Semitism, harassment,bullying, smearing, defamation, litigation which was all thrown at me for my support of Jewish and Israeli causes .

Having had enough of the hatred towards Jewish people, I made a decision .

Through cleaning , weaning and changing nappies I became a hunter!

i became a warrior, a leader, a corporal, a lieutenant, a captain leading my troops towards a battle that would evidently end up in 2014 with the biggest rise of anti-Semitism since 1938.

Many have been blind to the Internet and how anti-Semitism has overran physical assaults over different Programs over 15 years. Many of our organisations didn’t want to know.

We have had good troops on the ground working together,coordinating together fighting in the online army against this form of Jewish hatred.

It’s been 18 months since I started YadbYadUK . Not one anti-racist or anti-fascist organisation based in the United Kingdom include the plight of Israelis. and tragically, the situation is getting worse.

So there I am, a housewife mop in hand turned Nazi hunter exposing and fighting the growing armies that seek to destroy,defame Israel and the Jewish people.

About the Author
Ambrosine spent 15 years in the UK media and music industry working with British pop acts such as Mel & Kim, covering International promotions. Spent the last ten years as a voice over. In 2013 Ambrosine set up Yad B'yad-UK to monitor and help people who have been victims of racial abuse and anti-Semitism through social media platforms.