From hindsight to foresight: TAC SIGHT

On Israel’s southern border sits the new community of Bnei Netzarim, one of three Halutziot communities on the sand dunes of Halutza, south of the Gaza Strip and to the east of Israel’s border with Egypt. B’nei Netzarim’s inhabitants are comprised primarily of families that were forced from their homes in Gaza (Gush Katif) by the Israeli government’s unilateral move in 2005.

To survive in this neighborhood, and in our heartland of Judea and Samaria, you need to be proactive and you need an edge. 560727_10151294508731103_663626828_nREDAPARTHEIDSIGN

Enter, One Israel Fund.(OIF)

Photo courtesy of One Israel Fund
Photo courtesy of One Israel Fund

One Israel Fund is not just another pro-Israel organization, but, a very serious asset in a community’s security.

When word got out to the emergency response teams in various southern communities about OIF’s lifesaving efforts throughout Judea and Samaria, they wasted no time in contacting Marc Prowisor, OIF’s chief of security projects. Time and again, facts on the ground provided the proof of OIF’s commitment to being proactive against Arab terrorist infiltrations. In fact, recently in the hills of Samaria, the emergency response team of the community Elon Moreh was able to prevent what could have been a deadly infiltration by terrorists, specifically because they used the Tac Sight that OIf provided.

Such incidences are of course not “news worthy” and one will not read about them in the mainstream media.

The IDF is limited in the types and level of equipment they can dispense. OIF fills in the gaps and has the ability to supplement vital equipment and likewise aid in specialized training for the emergency response teams that are set up throughout the heartland.

Getting a firm grip on the edge, the Tacsight, for example, gives us just that to prevent terror in our communities. We need to always be prepared with the best equipment. Check this out:

Subsequently, Israel’s homeland security has become very interested in OIF’s efforts and the two work in close cooperation, developing the most state of the art security equipment to answer the requirements of Judea and Samaria’s unique terrain as well as for our communities on the southern border.

For a small outfit, with limited funds, OIF has nevertheless extended its reach to the Jordan Valley, Shderot and to the former families of Gush Katif now spread all over the place on Israel’s southern border, such as the community of B’nai Netzarim. However, it directs its primary focus to Judea and Samaria precisely because no one else does.

Because OIF values the safety of our people throughout Israel and is adamant about backing up its mantra of “No More Jewish Victims”, in celebration of Jerusalem Day and in celebration of life, One Israel Fund is sponsoring the training of Security Chiefs from the Shomron Communities today… Celebrating Jerusalem Day OIF style.

photo courtesy One Israel Fund
photo courtesy One Israel Fund

Our small team on the ground in Israel is just comprised of three people – Marc Prowisor, who makes sure the equipment gets out to where it’s needed, Eve Harow, who directs special tours throughout Judea and Samaria providing an opportunity to see not only the beauty of our heartland, but the facts on the ground, and me, who coordinates operations here in Israel and gets the word out.

Being proactive in protecting our land and saving lives…a worthy endeavor we are grateful to be part of.

Photo courtesy One Israel Fund
Photo courtesy One Israel Fund

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