Jorde M. Nathan

From the river to the sea.

From the river to the sea. Palestine will be free. Free Free Palestine…Free Free Palestine.

Free Palestine…from who and for what?

Civilization is getting a painful dose of reality.  The jihadi murder-mantra to ethnically cleanse Israel of Jews is cluster bombing our sensibilities.  All Jews are in play.  Religious, secular, soldiers, grandparents, Americans, women and even babies are filth to be cleansed.  And specifically, they seem to feel, no Jews can live in Judea or any part of Israel, for that matter.  Judenrein goals are rearing ugliness.  For now, it’s just no Jews in the ancient, historical and God given homeland.  Today’s bloodthirsty Hamas and friends are prepared to kill Jews to make this so.  Free Free Palestine….free from Jews.  Absurd.

Hamas and their co-conspirators are determined to rid Israel of Jews.  All means like murder and rape and be-heading babies is a justified.  We saw this live.  Murder-vision sponsored by Hamas and Islamic Jihad streamed into our living rooms. And we know the aggressor; Hamas and its supporters launched an inhumane assault on Israel.  Israel is a target and a victim and reacts to defend herself.   We know the truth and we know the face of Hamas.  What of Hamas’ complicit allies?  You are rearing your ugliness too, and we see you.

We see you as you side with Hamas and support their atrocities. Co-conspirators.  Yesterday’s missile explosion near the Al Ahly Hospital in Gaza continued to bring the haters.   Zombie haters rise up!  You liars and deceivers shroud yourselves in the wings, drooling and salivating for an opportunity to pounce on Israel.  “War Crimes!  Ethnic Cleansing!  UN condemnation NOW!  Free Free Palestine.”  In your haste, we see your face.  Co-conspirators.  You call for Truth?  You demand Justice?  You are not interested in the truth. You are too eager to denigrate Jews and Israel; you use any and all excuses to slander and shame Israel.  You pervert images into false mirror hallucinations… blaming Israel and her Jews for the same vicious assaults launched upon her.  Your thirst for Judenrein is secret no more.  You have aligned with the Hamas enemy of civility and your credibility is a casualty; you are defeated by the very R160 fired from an UNRWA kindergarten in Gaza City.

Your hate makes you stupid.  Or is it vice versa?  Israel did not attack a hospital.  The missile was from within Gaza.  Anyone can see this.  But you have to be willing to see this.  But the force (of evil) is too strong in you.  You are blind with hate.  Terrorists kill their own population, as a means to the end.  Free Free Palestine.  But the truth? You care about the truth?

King Hussein and President El Sisi: you cancel a meeting with the President of the United States, over an “attack” that did not happen.

Abu Mazen:  you cancel a meeting with the President of the United States, over an “attack” that did not happen.  This incites uproar in Ankara…based on your lies.

Mustafa Barghouti:  you were on with Wolf Blitzer after the hospital news, claiming Israel is committing war crimes and genocide. Your vitriol and hate spewed over an “attack” that did not happen.  This sets ablaze houses and buildings in Beirut…based on your lies.

Premier Trudeau:  you are quick to condemn Israel for aggression and civilian death, over and “attack” that did not happen.

Congresswomen Ilan Omar and Rashida Talib:  you claim genocide being launched by Israel on Gazans, that you say is exhibited in an attack that did not happen.   The fountain in NYU’s Washington Square Park is dyed red with blood imagery.  This rabid fear mongering is based on your lies.

We see you.  You lie.  You are interested in neither truth nor justice.  And you are complicit in the murder of innocent civilians.  Israelis and Americans were murdered.  But in your mind, perhaps these casualties are neither victims nor human.  We see you so clearly now, as the civilized world discounts and ignores you.  There will be no Judenrein.  There will be no Jews thrown into the sea.  There is no equivalency between the murderer and the victim.  And there is no equivalency between the fair arbiter and you.

About the Author
Jorde M. Nathan is a former Managing Director at Barclays Capital responsible for distributing and sourcing par and distressed loans. Prior to Barclays, Mr. Nathan joined Lehman Brothers in 1994 to launch a loan origination and trading business. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Amherst College with a major in Chinese. Jorde has lived in London, Hong Kong and Beijing and speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and limited Hebrew. Nathan is past President of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Midwest Region and serves on the National Board. Mr. Nathan has served on the Board of Directors of Solomon Schechter Day Schools and on the Endowment Committee of the Jewish Federation. He is an alumnus of the Wexner Heritage Foundation and a former member of the United Jewish Communities National Young Leadership Cabinet. Jorde is a Zionist and has visited Israel nearly 20 times…leading missions, bringing first-timers, leading the annual “Nathan Family trip” and participating in the Nachshon missions. The Nathan Family consists of Jorde, wife of 33 years Helene Diamond Nathan from Vancouver, British Columbia, and four day school children Reeven Earl (30), Sophie Charlat Diamond (28), Chase Chaiim Tzvi (27) and Levy Yitzchak (23). Jorde is an avid fly tier and fly fisherman and spends his days learning Talmud at the Hebrew Theological College and leading opinion regarding the US/Israel relationship. The Nathans live in Chicago and Park City.