From The River to the Sea: Final Solution of the Jewish Question

Language is a beautiful thing. Words composed as sonnets, soliloquies that sing with the pleasures and pain of life, songs that touch the human soul with joy and love and stanzas in poignant rhythms proclaim the human condition, hopes, dreams and fears. Indeed, language is a wondrous and miraculous ability to communicate, to reach out to our family, friends and neighbors to make ourselves understood.

There are literally thousands of languages, dialects and accents whose usage can denote the entire spectrum of humanity. It is a fundamental tool for our existence and can be employed by the lowliest mendicant to the halls of great and powerful governments. But as noble and divine language as can be, so can it be perverted by evil men and corrupt regimes.

Just as governments create documents replete with the awesome verbiage guaranteeing human freedom, the right to life and liberty and constitutions announcing the formation of political structures assuring the dignity of a single life no matter the ethnicity, religion or race of any individual, so has this process been abused and denigrated into the pit of hatred and the call for extermination.

The Nuremburg Laws of May, 1935, which removed all civil and legal rights of the Jews in Germany, a heinous document that pronounced the “subhuman” nature of the Jewish people; that denied them the citizenship of a nation where hundreds of thousands of these people had lived for centuries, is the testimony and veracity inculcating the perversion of language and introducing into law, the beginning of what would become the blueprint for the Holocaust. The architectural blueprints for Auschwitz were part and parcel of the Nuremburg Laws.

So today, we have a new set of these vile calumnies and the excretory effluvium of words and documents.

The so-called charter of the terrorist organization, Hamas, a cabal of murderous thugs and their Iranian lackeys, the modern day carriers of the Nazi bacillus, also employ the language of hate to vilify the Jewish people and announce its central aim to complete the dastardly program of extermination. The difference is that unlike the Nazis, Hamas is not a state with uniformed goose stepping storm troopers. However, its followers still raise their stiff right arms in a similar salute in the same obedient manner.

But that is not the only similarity to the Hitlerite dogma. Just as the Nazi savage abused language to echo their anti-Semitic doggerel, so do the Islamist terrorists of Hamas. Nazism proclaimed that the Jewish people were inhuman, possessing nothing of a positive nature, the progenitors of all that is evil in mankind and that they, as a nation, must be liquidated.

The Hamas Charter states-“Jews have only negative traits.’ Notice, it declares JEWS in its declaration, not Israelis in particular. Further on this detritus offal openly, without the least bit of deception states-

“The Day of Judgement will not come until Muslims fight the JEWS. The stones and trees will say, “O Muslim, O servant of God, there is a JEW behind me, come and kill him.”

Now why did I emphasize the word JEW? Because it must be made crystal clear to all that the mad and wicked aim of this foul organization goes further than to call for the end of the Jewish state, but cries out for the extermination of ALL JEWS everywhere. Just as the Wannsee Protocol listed the eleven million European Jews that were, in their ideology, doomed to be slain, so does the Hamas charter proclaim the same goal.

When the Nazis perverted the German language and created their own brand of Orwellian Newspeak to conceal their true aims of their horrendous program of extermination, so too, do the Islamists of Hamas repeat this mantra. The Nazi doctrine for the program to murder the Jews was always written as the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. The word “murders, liquidation,extermination,” do not appear. Just as the killing by gas was known as “special treatment,” as ghettoization was labeled “evacuation to the East,” and the destruction of thousands of Jewish communities in the occupied zones of the east by the “Einsatzgruppen” (Special Units) was known as “special handling.” The phraseology “kill the Jews” was officially frowned upon by the ruling government as too offensive, when actually what  they meant was that it could be embarrassing if proclaimed publicly. At least by government officials, although this obscene shout was heard all over Nazi occupied Europe by peasant and professional alike.

But our current enemies had no such fear in being open and public with their hatred. In the 1920s and 1930s, and even today,  NEVER ABROAD but here, in Israel and the liberated lands we can hear the shouts of “Itbach il Yahud”-“Slaughter the Jews.” Another phrase employed earlier, yet not so often today ,well, at least not in its original form was “Yahudin klabna, Filastin bladna!”-“The Jews are our dogs and Palestine is our land!”

No, today they shout-‘From the river to the Sea, Palestine will be free.” What they mean, in no uncertain terms  is free of Jews. You know, Judenrein. It is a paean for extermination, for another Holocaust. Their aim, in this seemingly strident syntax, couched in a rather loud, but apparently logical declaration, is “Kill the Jews.” First in the destruction of the State of Israel and then everywhere else. No? Haven’t you heard their leadership praise the fact that so many Jews are coming to Israel? No, they are not being pro-Zionist, they are being pro-slaughter because they say that it will be easier to murder the Jews when they are all in one place so that they don’t have to, in their words, “hunt them down.”

From the River to the Sea is Arabic for the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. There were six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis-two thirds of the Jews in Europe, one third of the entire Jewish people. Today, almost half the world’s Jews live in Israel. World Jewry would probably never recover from such a horrendous tragedy.

Words are important. Words can cure. Words can kill. We must never underestimate the power of language. We must never take the words of our foes lightly. Regardless of how the enemy subverts whatever language it employs to disguise its aims, we must challenge it on every front, at every level to expose the truth. We dare not do otherwise.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.