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From the River to the Sea, Israel will be Free—an activist guidebook

My new book on the Chamas War is out in e-book and paperback.

Some 133 blog posts written for this blog, modified, updated, and ordered.

From the River to the Sea, Israel will be Free: Free from terror and dictators, tyranny, and all the haters. Order today: An activist guidebook.

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Out-of-the-box, truthful, and wise, describing and analyzing the first five months of the Simchat Torah Hamas Pogrom War.

The inside but public information the left-wing, right-wing, and anti-Zionist media often omit or distort.

The title reappropriates the anti-Zionist ‘From the River to the Sea.’ It is modified to a call for democracy, equality, and human rights for all, against genocide of Jews.

Almost as historic as a diary, the posts show how Israel experienced the Chamas War. Facts may have been adjusted when more information came in. The texts focus on what few talk about and try to avoid moot points. Added is much valuable background information from earlier posts.

Some of it reads like an encyclopedia. Some points are repeated, which can help to familiarize yourself with ideas and are easy to skip when you got it. Have quick peeks when you just need sound bites.

The goal of this book is to inform against popular, persistent lies and prejudices. It tries to break hurtful stereotypes about oppressed groups and help you to be a source of truth.

This book should well inform you about:

  1. The specialness of Antisemitism
  2. The special position of Israeli Muslims
  3. Spotting fake news and where to get truthful information
  4. The specialness and regular-ness of the State of Israel,
  5. Recognizing Orthodox Judaism and Secular Thought rooted in it, and
  6. How Jews talk when they lost being intimidated.

Now Israel is under attack, it becomes more obvious what is true all year round, that international press agencies are hostile to Israel. Here is your honest, factual, and useful antidote. Be better informed than your leaders!

Those ‘allergic’ to references to the Holocaust, Israel, or religion may be able to cool their over-sensitivities for a while. There is so much information here that it should be worth it for everyone.

The posts should not be left-wing or right-wing, but only truthful, real, and hopeful. If you or your sources are mostly left-wing, in contrast, these texts might feel right-wing, and vice versa. May they burst information bubbles.

The book teaches rather than proves. Abundant cross-references and hyperlinks share where to find proofs.

This is not written to give elitist book knowledge. Effective activists for peace need practical, accurate information.

Gruesome visuals are avoided. So many people feel scared, worried, and hurt. More knowledge should help relax and see that the end will be well. May it be soon. May it be with as little bloodshed and trauma as possible.

Slowly but surely, the mainstream media and opinion leaders are taking up the predictions and analyses shared here. Maybe they read the posts, or perhaps the time simply became ripe for more people to catch up. Acquiring hope is critical.

You won’t find in it much of what’s already everywhere: About the Antisemitism flare-up outside of Israel, non-Jews loudly standing with Israel and the Jews, the Muslim terrorism in the West Bank, or the suffering in Gaza. The focus is on first-hand information from Israel, often underreported by the media. It mostly ignores Jews foul-mouthing other Jews as that’s merely a sign of passing stress.

It ignores how UNRWA and Chamas are two peas in a pod since that became obvious. It ignores some IDF soldiers misbehaving since the IDF takes care of those. It doesn’t pass on media manipulations and opinions masquerading as facts. No one needs to be pro-Israel. Being honest, factual, and complete should be the only demands.

It starts with background information, which covers most of the book.



Introduction   3




Correct Words  10

How to stay in your own information bubble?  10

Anti-Zionism needs wrong terms, verbal tricks, emotional manipulation, and lying  11

Left, right, and the war in Israel 17

Dog does not bite man is not news either  21

The conflict in the Middle East is not territorial, emotional, or from insanity  22

Jewish Intersectionality  23

Answering Marxist-Leninist Pacifists and less extreme left-wing anti-Zionists?  24

Understanding and Valuing Judaism and Activism    30

Judaism is not a religion   30

The secular in Judaism    32

Wanting the Messiah now is just laziness and Atheism    35

G^d is good and innocent  36

Seeing and Eliminating the Antisemitic Elephant in the Room    38

How to define Antisemitism? A Guide. 38

How is trying to annihilate all Jews, not genocide?  61

‘Let’s blame Mnuchin and Kushner, not Trump’ 62

Jews, Judaism, Antisemitism, and the Holocaust are each different and unique  63

From Marxist to Intersectionality to Woke, and the Jews  71

When Antisemites trash the Jews, the former lose  74

Two slight extensions of the definition of Antisemitism are in order  75

A glaring lack of gratefulness underlies Jew-hatred   76

The one thing I want all Jew-haters to know    78

The IHRA working definition of antisemitism should include lies about Judaism    80

So many ways have been tried to do away with the Jews  84

To dislike certain ethnicities is racist; to see Jews as equal is antisemitic  86

No to Fake Jewish Pride  89

On why the Dutch do nothing, and Germans actively protect Jews  90

Demonstrators chanting ‘From the River to the Sea’ know it’s a call to genocide  93

As an Orthodox Jew, I request 19 changes from devoted Christians  94

Whoopi Goldberg restates the Holocaust wasn’t about race  97

The innocence of Henry Kissinger at 100   98

How does October 7 compare or not to the Holocaust and other mass murders?  100

Could one be an Antisemite unknowingly?  100

Recognizing Prominent Lies  101

The leading evil of our time is dishonesty  101

‘Arab Truth and Dutch Truth’ 103

Understand Arab dictators speak to two audiences  110

Integrity demands to disbelieve what Gazans or captured Chamas terrorists now say  111

Hasbarah under fire   113

Hasbara without Jollywood   120

Pallywood, fabricating Palestinian suffering and injustices, is working overtime  123

Misidentifying and misappropriating Jesus as Palestinian   126

On spotting liars in the news  128

Pro-Hamas voices: Look who’s talking  132

Understanding threats by terrorist leaders  132

Many news agencies fake neutrality and integrity while spreading Jew-hatred   135

Why honest people must believe the IDF and Israel over Chamas and the UN—a guide  143

No need to buy into the casualty stats from a genocidal organization like Chamas  145

Israel’s friends and enemies seem misinformed about a dozen major issues  148

Why haters and abusers often talk like victims while they are victimizing others  152

Ethical Difficulties  153

Seek the peace of the city to there where I exiled you, and pray for it to G^d   153

Ethics for professionals outside of the warzone  155

“In the mosque, we’re told, don’t hurt women and kids, but Chamas said kill them”  156

Some of our best and most powerful friends still show a lack of respect for Jews  158

Must Gentiles respect Jews?  160

US President Biden and Jewish Diaspora leaders, call out your own scoundrels  162

Prayer for the Gentile Allies  163

Outlaw teaching children to lie  166

Understanding, Valuing, and Rejecting Human Death   168

Every human death is like rape  168

The solution is not to kill Chamas and the like  169

I don’t want a ground offensive  170

The Death Penalty and More Weapons  173

What to do with tens of thousands of Chamas war criminals and their sympathizers?  173

No, Ben-Gvir, more weapons do not necessarily save lives  175

Confused? Is There a Method to the Madness?  176

Iconic, bloody mistakes that slowly made Israelis wise  176

The truly unjust side effects of true justice  178

Low-tech can win from high-tech, small from big, slow from fast, lie from truth   180

Two ways anti-Arab racism caught Israel’s leaders off-guard   182

Thirty-nine ways Chamas and Israel differ  183

The Jewish Holidays and Shabbat  185

And let’s ponder how the Channukah and Simchat Torah Wars compare  185

  1. THE POGROM 187

On Shabbat Simchat Torah October 7, 2023   187

How did Chamas dare?  187

Chamas’ miscalculations  190

So Many Types of War Crimes  191

Chamas committed at least 15 types of recognized war crimes  191

Don’t erase the proofs of the October 7 massacre  197

What Can We Do?  198

Random acts of kindness are our best hope for life  198

Don’t Blame Bibi 198

What regular Israelis can do to help our war of survival, soldiers, and wounded   200

Historical progress, generational decline, and the power of unity in Judaism    202

Why activists are active, and the rest are passive  203

Israelis, ask the people around you what they do toward the war effort  205


The War  207

Reassuring truths from the Gaza battlefront  207

Why the IDF aims not to hurt civilians in Gaza  208

Israeli Muslims  210

Worse than the Nazis  210

Muslim Israelis are horrified and disgusted with the October 7 Chamas massacre  212

Open Letter to Muslim Israelis in the wake of the Simchat Torah massacre  213

Jews uneasier at sharing a workplace with Muslims  214

We need the press to report on the awareness shift in most Muslim Israelis  217

The holy month of Ramadan, piety, and murder  219

The de-Nazification of Israel’s Muslims  220

The International Red Cross and United Nations Not for Jews  220

Bug the Red Cross  220

Do not upset the Nazis or Chamas – How the Red Cross is useless when most needed   221

A song for those ascending: I look away to the hills. Whence will my help come?  224

The Pope who went from friendly to hostile  226

Peoples and leaders who are friends of the Jews  228

US Jews, do you favor a president giving Europe to Putin or Israel to Palestine?  229

The Latest in the Abuse by the United Nations  231


World War III 232

Are we ready for WW III?  232

My ideals for WW III 233

The Simchat Torah Massacre has some of the makings of the beginning of WW III 234

Like Chamas was never deterred, neither is Nasrallah   235

For the Free World’s sake, the Gaza War must not push aside the War in Ukraine  236

World War III or not?  237

Sentencing  238

As in most calamities, Chamas only managed because Israel piled error upon error  238

Gaza After Chamas  240

The UN wants Sigrid Kaag to steer a doomed ship   240

Planning a good Gaza endgame  243

Brainstorming About Gaza after Chamas  246


Hope   251

The wonderful revelations from the Simchat Torah War no one talks about till now    251

Do not forget to mention the light amidst the darkness on October 7   253

Why, in the end, will innocence always beat evil, and love always defeat hatred?  257

Are things getting better or worse in the world?  259

‘Having no easy solutions would make us lose hope’ 262

Unity  263

How to extend our months of unity into peacetime?  263

What unity in Israel?  267

Healing  269

Keeping silent and seeking silence  269

No more angry Jews ever  270

Don’t believe brain docs on how to stay sane after extreme trauma like ST Pogrom    271

Bio-psychiatry is hijacking our mental health also in Israel 272

How traumatized are Israeli Jews at the moment?  275

Creating a less-judgmental, more tolerant, more patient society  277

Autobiographical Notes  278

Index  281


Read more pages here in a couple of days from now.

About the Author
MM is a prolific and creative writer and thinker, previously a daily blog contributor to the TOI. He often makes his readers laugh, mad, or assume he's nuts—close to perfect blogging. He's proud that his analytical short comments are removed both from left-wing and right-wing news sites. None of his content is generated by the new bore on the block, AI. * As a frontier thinker, he sees things many don't yet. He's half a prophet. Half. Let's not exaggerate. Or not at all because he doesn't claim G^d talks to him. He gives him good ideas—that's all. MM doesn't believe that people observe and think in a vacuum. He, therefore, wanted a broad bio that readers interested can track a bit what (lack of) backgrounds, experiences, and educations contribute to his visions. * This year, he will prioritize getting his unpublished books published rather than just blog posts. Next year, he hopes to focus on activism against human extinction. To find less-recent posts on a subject XXX among his over 2000 archived ones, go to the right-top corner of a Times of Israel page, click on the search icon and search "zuiden, XXX". One can find a second, wilder blog, to which one may subscribe too, here: or by clicking on the globe icon next to his picture on top. * Like most of his readers, he believes in being friendly, respectful, and loyal. However, if you think those are his absolute top priorities, you might end up disappointed. His first loyalty is to the truth. He will try to stay within the limits of democratic and Jewish law, but he won't lie to support opinions or people when don't deserve that. (Yet, we all make honest mistakes, which is just fine and does not justify losing support.) He admits that he sometimes exaggerates to make a point, which could have him come across as nasty, while in actuality, he's quite a lovely person to interact with. He holds - how Dutch - that a strong opinion doesn't imply intolerance of other views. * Sometimes he's misunderstood because his wide and diverse field of vision seldomly fits any specialist's box. But that's exactly what some love about him. He has written a lot about Psychology (including Sexuality and Abuse), Medicine (including physical immortality), Science (including basic statistics), Politics (Israel, the US, and the Netherlands, Activism - more than leftwing or rightwing, he hopes to highlight reality), Oppression and Liberation (intersectionally, for young people, the elderly, non-Whites, women, workers, Jews, LGBTQIA+, foreigners and anyone else who's dehumanized or exploited), Integrity, Philosophy, Jews (Judaism, Zionism, Holocaust and Jewish Liberation), the Climate Crisis, Ecology and Veganism, Affairs from the news, or the Torah Portion of the Week, or new insights that suddenly befell him. * Chronologically, his most influential teachers are his parents, Nico (natan) van Zuiden and Betty (beisye) Nieweg, Wim Kan, Mozart, Harvey Jackins, Marshal Rosenberg, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, and, lehavdil bein chayim lechayim, Rabbi Dr. Natan Lopes Cardozo, Rav Zev Leff, and Rav Meir Lubin. This short list doesn't mean to disrespect others who taught him a lot or a little. One of his rabbis calls him Mr. Innovation [Ish haChidushim]. Yet, his originalities seem to root deeply in traditional Judaism, though they may grow in unexpected directions. In fact, he claims he's modernizing nothing. Rather, mainly basing himself on the basic Hebrew Torah text, he tries to rediscover classical Jewish thought almost lost in thousands of years of stifling Gentile domination and Jewish assimilation. (He pleads for a close reading of the Torah instead of going by rough assumptions of what it would probably mean and before fleeing to Commentaries.) This, in all aspects of life, but prominently in the areas of Free Will, Activism, Homosexuality for men, and Redemption. * He hopes that his words will inspire and inform, and disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. He aims to bring a fresh perspective rather than harp on the obvious and familiar. When he can, he loves to write encyclopedic overviews. He doesn't expect his readers to agree. Rather, original minds should be disputed. In short, his main political positions are among others: anti-Trumpism, for Zionism, Intersectionality, non-violence, anti those who abuse democratic liberties, anti the fake ME peace process, for original-Orthodoxy, pro-Science, pro-Free Will, anti-blaming-the-victim, and for down-to-earth, classical optimism, and happiness. Read his blog on how he attempts to bridge any tensions between those ideas or fields. * He is a fetal survivor of the pharmaceutical industry (, born in 1953 to his parents who were Dutch-Jewish Holocaust survivors who met in the largest concentration camp in the Netherlands, Westerbork. He grew up a humble listener. It took him decades to become a speaker too, and decades more to admit to being a genius. But his humility was his to keep. And so was his honesty. Bullies and con artists almost instantaneously envy and hate him. He hopes to bring new things and not just preach to the choir. * He holds a BA in medicine (University of Amsterdam) – is half a doctor. He practices Re-evaluation Co-counseling since 1977, is not an official teacher anymore, and became a friendly, powerful therapist. He became a social activist, became religious, made Aliyah, and raised three wonderful kids. Previously, for decades, he was known to the Jerusalem Post readers as a frequent letter writer. For a couple of years, he was active in hasbara to the Dutch-speaking public. He wrote an unpublished tome about Jewish Free Will. He's a strict vegan since 2008. He's an Orthodox Jew but not a rabbi. * His writing has been made possible by an allowance for second-generation Holocaust survivors from the Netherlands. It has been his dream since he was 38 to try to make a difference by teaching through writing. He had three times 9-out-of-10 for Dutch at his high school finals but is spending his days communicating in English and Hebrew - how ironic. G-d must have a fine sense of humor. In case you wonder - yes, he is a bit dyslectic. If you're a native English speaker and wonder why you should read from people whose English is only their second language, consider the advantage of having an original peek outside of your cultural bubble. * To send any personal reaction to him, scroll to the top of the blog post and click Contact Me. * His newest books you may find here:
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