From West Yorkshire to the Galilee

It is a long way from Bradford to the Galilee. In my case, it is a journey of a lifetime. I was born and bred in Leeds, and I live in Israel. Nevertheless, this week the two places have a strong link. Both are linked in infamy and shame. However, there is much more than that.

In Israel, when the serial arsonists struck, yet again, it was no surprise. It was no surprise that the three mothers absconded from Bradford to the IS. With them, they took nine children.

Yet again, we are surprised when the inevitable happens. Both these events were precipitated by political impotence. It has been convenient for the powers that be, our moribund politicians, to turn a blind eye. In Britain, it was politically correct and in Israel, it was politically expedient.

In both cases, we have allowed the community to deal with their deviant delinquents as if they were their own. In the name of diversity we have created so-called communities. In turn, they  spawned swamps of swarming psychopaths who do not have to conform with our norms or our laws. Both in Britain and in Israel we have learnt that we cannot have communities behaving as if they are beyond the Pale, have different policing and judgmental values.

In both instances, we learn yet again that they can simply be only one sovereign and just one set of rules. There is little difference if any at all in being killed by a serial arsonist or being killed by IS. We should not be shamed into action. We Israelis must be ashamed of our lack of action. The hooligan fascists who set ablaze the church are known to us. They have torched many a mosque. They set fire to an Arab youth for no reason other than he was an Arab. We know about the ‘price tag’. We know who they are and yet nothing has been done. If any Arab cell had promoted the terror these Jewish thugs have promoted they would have been caught long ago. Let’s make no mistake these Jewish fascist thugs are no better than terrorists- they are terrorists.

In any healthy society, their wicked actions would have been met by a knee-jerk instinctive reaction that would have strangled this immoral monster at birth. Instead, it was met by a weak-kneed political reaction, the actions so typifying our elite and effete leadership. The platitudes of pusillanimous prevaricating politicians may sound convincing today, but let’s be brutally honest with ourselves. Their weak-willed response will conquer all good intentions. The world rightly condemns what has happened. I heartily condemn the politicians, police and the Israeli society in general who have all conspired to allow a festering wound in Israel suppurate and mature.

These people must be arrested. For better or for worse, no erstwhile community  can boast or lay claim to  distinct development, unconnected culture, an individual education system, discrete policing and disenfranchised judgement. This is Apartheid in reverse, and equally as abominable.

About the Author
Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.