Fun and Facts About Education in Israel That Will Surprise You

The world is full of surprises and what might be normal somewhere can be quite odd in a different place. From food to dressing to culture to even education these differences make every place unique in its own rights!

Israel is a stunning country boasting of incredible architecture, mesmerising landscapes and a fascinating ancient culture. These factors affect every walk of life from its delicious cuisine to its fascinating education system. Here’s a few things which make Israel’s education absolutely unique.

Schools are segregated by faith

While Israel’s education system boasts of some quality education schools are segregated according to the religious priorities. There are secular schools, Orthodox schools with greater emphasis on Hebrew and Arab schools imparting education in Arabic language, focusing on the Arab culture.

There is a national curriculum

In order to maintain a regulated standard of education throughout the country, the Ministry of Education has implemented a national curriculum for the benefit of the students, which is to be followed by schools nationwide.

School week starts from Sunday

If you are someone who absolutely loves a Sunday, well bad news for you because in Israel, the school week starts from Sunday instead of Monday which makes Friday and Saturday the holidays.

Schools are mostly government funded

Most schools, including the progressive ones are funded by the government which helps the country’s education to reach out to its population within an affordable manner. This is instrumental in raising the level of education of the entire country.

Highest number of university degrees per capita

This country boasts of the highest number of university degrees per capita in the entire world which makes Israel one of the most educated countries, topping the most popular ones that one would think of!

Boarding schools are for the underprivileged

Unlike most of the world boarding schools are not for the elite privileged students and rather these accommodate students who cannot afford regular education. This is to ensure that these children get at least a basic decent level of life.

Teachers are called by their first name

While this might sound absolutely outrageous to some cultures, there’s a sweet sense of informality among teachers and students in Israeli institutions and hence, they call their teachers by their first name.

Education doesn’t focus on exam

Unlike the education system prevalent in most of the world, Israel’s education is quite liberal when it comes to standard exams. They only have one final exam instead of constant tests throughout the year which offers children a relaxed curriculum.

Weapon training is common in school

It might shock most of the world but in school most pupils are trained in the use of firearms. It is a common practice in the school, mostly because after school they go into military training before resuming their education.

Students often serve in the military

While it might appear unbelievable to a student at the Boston University or in London School of Economics, in Israel students of most schools sign up for military service for a couple of years between school and college.

Apprenticeship counts as education

Instead of opting for a traditional education for degree, students can also opt for some of the best apprenticeship programs which are offered by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor which can help them secure an employment.

The Israeli education has some fascinating characteristics which makes it so unique and different from the world and also contributes to making the country educationally advanced.

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