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Funding for bio startups: Surviving and thriving during Covid-19  


Time: Tues, Nov 24th at 20:00 – 21:00 IST 13:00 – 14:00 EDT

After the conference, breakout rooms will open for participants to interact with investors.

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The Covid pandemic has badly hit the economy. Yet, the Life Science sector in Israel has had a record year of funding during 2020. What has happened is that most of the investments are in the more mature companies and that it has become increasingly difficult for early-stage companies, at the pre-seed level to find funding. The ways of finding investments have changed. In the pre-corona times, it was expected for entrepreneurs to interact directly with investors. The investors would like to see the people behind the ideas and strike up a rapport. Since Corona struck, investors are mostly avoiding physical contact with entrepreneurs and the preferred medium of interaction has become Internet video conferencing. The pitch is much harder to make virtually than to a live audience. The presentation must go perfectly. Video conferencing is unforgiving to mistakes. On the other hand, setting up video conferences between investors and entrepreneurs has become a lot easier.

JLM-BioCity has invited some of the most active investors in the Israeli Life Science to present their views on fundraising during this period and thereafter at the upcoming Nov 24th JLM-BioCity event on “Fundraising for Bio Startups – Surviving and Thriving during Corona”. The event is held at 20:00 Israel time so that participants from both Europe, and the USA  can take part. The invited speakers are:

  • JON MEDVED, CEO , and Founder, OurCrowd
  • SHIMON ECKHOUSE Ph.D., Founder, Owner & Chair, Alon Medtech
  • YARON DANIELY Ph.D. MBA, Head of aMoon Alpha at aMoon Fund

At this event, some of the insights that will be gleaned are:

  1. Highlight of trends
  2. Which fields?
  3. Which solutions are needed?
  4. Co-operation with international players
  5. How one evaluates opportunities

In the breakout sessions following the event, entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to make short pitches to the different investors in small intimate rooms.

Israel is in a great position to capitalize on the rapid rise of Medtech. Knowledge-sharing and precisely defining a product are the keys to success as the world opens up to a surge of innovation in the life science sector. With roughly 500 medical startups, Israel is second only to the U.S. in the number of companies researching and developing medical technology.,7340,L-3844435,00.html

Even non Medical players are recognizing the need to invest in this sector. Israel’s Bank Leumi leads $150 million round in Medtech fund ALIVE as an anchor investor. The ALIVE will focus on mature companies in the fields of medical technology, medical equipment, and telemedicine and intends to lead 10-15 rounds of between $10 million and $30 million, within the next four years.

We are living in unusual times with many challenges. However, this has given rise to the need for Investments in new Solutions and Innovation. The Israel Medtech sector backed by the Investor Community is rising to this challenge.

This event promises to be an interesting insight into these Developments.

Invitation to get involved

JLM-BioCity is a non-profit organization focused on developing and excelling in Jerusalem’s bio-community.

JLM-Bio City invites you, researcher, professional, investor, and executive to become part of our vision, in building Jerusalem’s Biomed eco-system.

If you want your company featured in their blogs, news releases, please contact info@ Over the last few years, JLM BioCity has published over 250 news releases covering over 100 Startups, Innovations, and Companies with a connection to Jerusalem.

Below is a map of the Jerusalem Bio / MedTech Scene highlighting Jerusalem as a  major player

All photos sourced and used with permission from JLM-BioCity

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