Bob Ryan
Bob Ryan

‘Furthest mosque’ not a reference to Jerusalem

Muhammed, whom Muslims refer to as prophet, was born in 570 and died or ascended in 632. During his lifetime, he never left Arabia. Every mosque built in his lifetime was in Arabia. There were no mosques built anywhere else, including Jerusalem.

According to Islam, on his final day, their prophet Muhammed travelled from Mecca to the farthest mosque. If it is a physical, rather than metaphysical mosque, it would have been one built during his lifetime and the furthest from Mecca, which were all in Arabia.

The writing makes it clear he went to the furthest mosque, not any other location. Since there was no mosque in Jerusalem, it could not be a reference to any site in Jerusalem. Muhammed never went to Jerusalem, since Jerusalem was not part of Arabia.

The Dome of the Rock was started in 685, a little over 50 years after their prophet Muhammad had ascended from the furthest mosque according to Islamic beliefs. It was completed in 691 to be a tribute to, not the location of, the ascension.

At the time, the location of the farthest mosques was believed to be in Arabia at a physical mosque built in their Prophet’s lifetime. Had it been believed the location was where the Dome was built, it would not have been built as a tribute to something that occurred in a different location. The site would have been considered to be too holy to build anything on.

Their prophet’s own writings make it clear that Jerusalem was the eternal city of the Jews. There was a reason he never led Islamic forces to take the city. The Islamic army that invaded and took Jerusalem did not begin the invasion until five years after his death or ascension showing clear intention from the founder of Islam. Had their prophet believed anything other than Jerusalem being an eternal Jewish city, he would have led the army himself.

Their prophet, Muhammed, respected the religious Jews, particularly those living in Jerusalem at the time. The negative references to Jews were directed to those who were not practicing their faith. Words can be found of a similar nature to Muslims who did not practice their faith. Any use of the Quran or their prophet’s words to justify hatred of Jews is to bastardize what is actually written through heretical teachings.

Every Muslim and non-Muslim monotheist, like myself, should read the Quran, the Tanakh and the Christian New Testament along with what was said by prophets, including Muhammed. To make a claim based on false teachings easily disproved sets back relations by the three largest monotheistic religions in the world. Rather than assume Christians, Jews or Muslims do and believe certain things, it is far better to research in order to know the truth. A lot of violence and bloodshed could have been prevented over the years through learning, which continues on to this day.

For centuries, the Dome was seen as it was intended, to be a monument to the ascension, not the location. It was not a holy Islamic site from their prophet’s lifetime, which were all in Arabia. To claim anything else, for much of Islam’s history, would have been seen as heretical teaching.

The Dome was built on the Temple Mount, between the walls of the second Jewish Temple, which makes it the holiest place for the Jews. Muslims, through false teaching, have been led to believe it is one of the holiest sites in all of Islam.

Jews can only go to the wall of the Temple, their holiest site in their own country. Muslims, who have been taught heretical beliefs, react violently even to them getting that close. Imagine the holiest site in Islam being under the control of people who are not Muslim and do not allow for them to enter the site itself.

If the farthest mosque was a reference to a mosque that had not been built until some later date, there are several considerably farther than Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock also lacks the distinction of being a mosque. It has never been considered a mosque, which means their prophet Muhammed could not have ascended from that location.

Had their prophet Muhammed and his followers believed Jerusalem and the location of where the Temple once stood to be holy, it would have been mentioned somewhere in the Qur’an. Not once is the location mentioned in Islam’s holiest book.

Recently, the Saudis began to work on correcting what is heretical teachings about the Dome of the Rock being a holy Islamic site. The government allowed releases made it clear that there are no holy sites in Jerusalem important to Islam. Many referred to Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jews and hoped the third Temple would be built in their lifetime. A simple search for Saudis recognizes Jewish connection to the Temple Mount will result in a lot of reading.

There are no writings referring to the Dome of the Rock as a holy Islamic site going back even a century. Every Islamic writing referring to holy sites has all of them in Arabia. When the Dome of the Rock was mentioned in writing, it was always as a tribute to the ascension still believed to have occurred within Arabia.

The recent change was done, not for the benefit of Islam through heretical teachings, but to give justification for Islamic terrorist attacks against Jews at Jerusalem even before Israel became a nation.

The Saudis have been slow to respond to the clear heretical teachings, but slow response is better than none. A firmer response is needed, otherwise the heresy will reach deep within Saudi Arabia itself. If it continues, how long before the belief of the third holiest site becomes the first?

Once a heretical bastardization of holy sites sets in, it becomes very difficult to return to what Islam taught for almost its entire existence.

There is a simple solution for the Saudi government. Due to the natural environmental issues Israel has faced over the years, earthquakes, heavy winds, etc., it is just a matter of time before the Dome of the Rock collapses.

Recent research has shown that Israel, about every 140 years give or take a decade, is hit with a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. The last was in 1929 with Jericho as the epicenter. The next may very well hit with Jerusalem as the epicenter. I direct hit of that magnitude will cause the Dome to be lost.

The Saudis could build a new Dome within Saudi Arabia at any number of important Islamic sites. They could build it identical to the one already in existence as it was intended, as a tribute to their prophet’s ascension without it becoming a replacement for a single Islamic holy site.

Recent comments by Arabs in and out of Israel referring to the Judaization of Islamic property, which includes the wall, shows just how deeply set the false Islamic teaching has set in.

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Bob Ryan is a science-fiction author and believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
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