G-d’s Master Plan – LI (51) – In Memoriam – Former UK Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ZT”L


I feel it only appropriate to say a few words about the passing of Rabbi Sacks. When I first received word of his passing we had finished saying Havdalah only an hour earlier. I have never met him and we really had very few things in common other than two important events in my life which affected Rabbi Sacks as well.

Firstly, his Hebrew name Yaakov Tzvi is the same name we gave our first born son. It is ironic that Rabbi Sacks passed away on the same Shabbat that we read about G-d testing Avraham by commanding him to sacrifice his son Yitzhak. Avraham, of course, was stopped at the last minute by a messenger from G-d, but G-d decided to take Rabbi Sacks from us on this same Shabbat. And the fact that this Parsha immediately follows Parshat Lech Lecha is all the more interesting since G-d told Avraham to go to another place that will be good for you. But it seems G-d has taken Rabbi Sacks at this time to a place that will be good for him which is part of his vast eternal plan. We all know the saying, G-d gives and G-d takes, and we should be grateful for all that we have, including the time that Rabbi Sacks lived and shared his wisdom with us. Including all the wisdom he wrote appearing on this TOI Blog site which we will all miss.

Secondly, just like me, he was greatly influenced by the Chabad Rebbe who helped, among others, set him on the right path which resulted in his becoming the UK Chief Rabbi.

But there is one more important fact to consider. According to the information I have, Rabbi Sacks was born in 1948, the same year Israel was born. And toward the end of that year, right after the voting ended for US President, Thomas Dewey was declared the winner by one major publication over Harry Truman.

A picture of a smiling Harry Truman holding that newspaper with those headlines made international news. It was not until all the votes were counted that in reality Harry Truman was awarded the keys to the White House.

With Rabbi Sacks becoming the UK Chief Rabbi, he also carried the formal title of Av (Head Of) the London Beit Din (Jewish Court). So combine this with the recent passing of former US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we could say they are now in the world of truth together. Since Rabbi Sack’s passing on Shabbat has special meaning it is even more interesting this took place the same day Trump was declared the loser. But since the 1948 election results turned in favor of Truman only when all the votes were counted, the same could still happen now.

And perhaps that is why G-d needs the spirit and soul of Rabbi Sacks right alongside that of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to help decide this case. Including G-d himself, I can’t think of a more capable Beit Din to render the final decision on the 2020 Election.

TRUTH contains components of the following names-




Rabbi Sacks leaves a legacy of TRUTH and loyalty to Torah values that makes his family and the Jewish nation all proud. And he earned the respect of the British people and the Royal family which no doubt was a major factor in his being given the title of Lord Sacks.

To the family of Rabbi Sacks-


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