G-d’s Master Plan – LIII (53) –  Two Torah Giants – The Connection


The Two Torah Giants I refer to above are Rabbi Dovid Feinstein ZT”L and Rabbi Sacks ZT”L

Both passed away within one day of each other this past week. They were giants in Torah and were respected by everyone who knew them. And that came through quite clearly with their simple modesty.

A few years after arriving in the United States, Rabbi Dovid’s father, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein was named rosh yeshivah of Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem (known as MTJ), what was then a small yeshivah that gained renown under his leadership.

Despite his illustrious background and prominent position, Rabbi Dovid Feinstein was known to be exceedingly humble and relatable. He would often say “I am much more comfortable in the back of the room with the students” than in the front of the study hall, traditionally reserved for respected figures and teachers.

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During the Hespedim at the funeral for Rabbi Sacks, it was revealed that “He wants to be remembered as the man who gave sweets to children in Shul”

One of those children was no doubt his daughter Dina who finished her tribute to her father as follows-

“He challenged us to rebuild, to fix that which had become broken, to renew that which had become old, to restore that which had been forgotten. I hope we make you proud, my mentor, my father.”

WRITING EXCLUSIVELY FOR JEWISH NEWS this past week, Prince Charles pays an extensive tribute to Rabbi Sacks which includes the following-

As I remarked in 2013 when I spoke at the event to mark Rabbi Sacks’ retirement as Chief Rabbi after 22 distinguished years, he and I were exact contemporaries, born in the year of the State of Israel’s birth. At that time, I said, deliberately misquoting Isaiah that he was a ‘light unto this nation’ and said I hoped he would keep that light burning for many years to come.

The Words Of Prince Charles No Doubt Became A Reality For Both Rabbis

Please lookout for a Blog written by Rabbi Sacks dated November 12, nearly a week after his passing. There it explains Rabbi Sacks prepared these a full year in advance which ties in well with the type of person Rabbi Sacks was and his willingness to share his Torah knowledge with the world.

Rabbi Dovid Feinstein’s father, Rabbi Moshe participated in the Rabbis March on October 6, 1943.  The State of Israel was established five years later. In that same year Prince Charles and Rabbi Sacks were born and the light of Torah that Rabbi Sacks transmitted to the Royal Family and both Rabbis transmitted to the world will no doubt continue to shine for many years to come.

Just like his father, Rabbi Dovid Feinstein was buried in Jerusalem.

To the family of Rabbi Feinstein-


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