G-d’s Master Plan – LV(55) – 57th  Anniversary Of JFK’s Assassination – Investigating Lawmaker Fraud


On December 10th last year I began my Blog as follows-

On December 7th this past week, John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline  christened a new aircraft carrier named after her father.

“Courage, sacrifice (and) belief in freedom,” Kennedy’s daughter said. “It will help make real his (JFK’s) vision of a more just America and a more peaceful world.” And that is what we all are looking for, a more peaceful world as 2019 comes to a close.

It Was The Middle East That Showed Signs Of True Peace For The First Time Since 1948

Ironically Israel and the UAE as well as Bahrain signed agreements which hopefully will lead to long-term peace between these countries, with a possibility that other Arab countries will follow their lead.

Hamas Rockets Are Ready And Poised To Attack Israel

Terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at the southern city of Ashkelon on Saturday night, striking an empty warehouse in the city, officials said.

Last Sunday, two rockets were fired at central Israel from the Gaza Strip.

There Will Be No Total Peace In The Middle East Until Those Rockets And Those Responsible Are Banned From Gaza And Those Surrounding Territories

Once the Palestinians put down their arms and dismantle those rockets then a true peace is possible. Until that takes place, a lasting peace with the Palestinians is as valid as the Nobel Peace Prize the PLO leader received which turned out to be as false as he was.

JFK was a strong President who successfully refused to back down during the Cuban missile crisis and won that battle resulting in the dismantling of all missiles from Cuba.

If Joe Biden Comes Into Office There Is Very Little Chance Hamas Will Back Down

Hamas is the primary group claiming responsibility for those missiles. The Democratic Party is now infiltrated with supporters of the Palestinian cause. Two Squad members remain banned from Israel but they continue to operate within the Democratic Party. And much evidence surfaced related to Omar while she has been in office, but the Democrats failed to investigate. Rather they wasted taxpayer money on an Impeachment disaster.

Lawmaker Fraud Should Now Be Investigated

It does not take a genius to realize serious problems exist within the way the votes were counted this year which has led to major claims of voter fraud by the Democratic Party. But what really needs to be addressed is a serious case of lawmaker fraud with Congresswoman Omar being a good place to start.

The Timing Of JFK’s 57th Assassination Anniversary Is Significant

The 19 Year Hebrew Calendar Cycle works perfectly this year because November 22 on both the Hebrew and English calendars for the years 1963 and 2020 come out on the 6th day of Kislev. And obviously in both of these years Chanukah is exactly 19 days later or on the 25th of Kislev.

Chanukah represents a time of miracles and therefore in order for the world to experience a genuine peace before 2020 is over as requested by JFK’s daughter it appears a miracle must take place for this to happen.

The Amidah that we daven three times a day has 19 separate Brachas which equal 57. The number of years since JFK was killed also equal 57.Therefore- it seems that this current 19 day period we are currently in until Chanukah must be significant and we may just experience an unexpected miracle by the time Chanukah arrives.

Again Let’s Go Back To Parshat Noach And The Cause Of The Flood

G-d’s anger was caused by the חמס (Hamas) or Robbery that filled the earth. Every human being was wiped out by the flood. G-d promised with his rainbow that there would never be another flood again. But he did not rule out a disaster of another kind which would affect every human being.

COVID-19 – Even Its Name Includes Number 19

By now COVID-19 should have gone away if this had been a normal virus however this is anything but normal. And of all places in the world it appears the US is now the hardest hit. New cases are surging, panic buying is increasing and the crisis is taking a major toll within the US Health Care and Hospital sectors. Bed shortages are becoming more the norm and many in the profession fear that the worse is yet to come.

Remember What Omar Said – The Mpls. Police Dept. is “Rotin To The Root”

 My November 18 Blog contains a video where Omar actually said those words. But I have further proof of where the real roots of the current Minneapolis Police Department most likely began.

Minneapolis Mayor Hubert H. Humphrey’s Effort To Clean Up The City And It’s Police Force

.[21] As mayor, Humphrey helped to elect a friend and previous neighbor of his, Edwin Ryan, as he needed a “police chief whose integrity and loyalty would be above reproach.”[38] Though they had differing views of labor unions, Ryan and Humphrey worked together to crack down on crime in Minneapolis. Humphrey told Ryan, “I want this town cleaned up and I mean I want it cleaned up now, not a year from now or a month from now, right now”, and “You take care of the law enforcement. I’ll take care of the politics.”[39] Humphrey served as mayor from 1945 to 1948,[40] winning reelection in 1947 by the largest margin in the city’s history to that time. Humphrey gained national fame by becoming one of the founders of the liberal anticommunist Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), and he served as chairman from 1949 to 1950.[41] He also reformed the Minneapolis police force.[42] The city had been named the “anti-Semitism capital” of the country,[43] and its small African-American population also faced discrimination. Humphrey’s mayoralty is noted for his efforts to fight all forms of bigotry.[44] He formed the Council on Human Relations and established a municipal version of the Fair Employment Practice Committee, making Minneapolis one of only a few cities in the United States to prohibit racial discrimination in the workforce.[45]

So for Omar to be critical of the roots of the Minneapolis Police Dept. means she is critical of the founder of the Hubert H Humphrey School Of Public Affairs from where she claimed to hold a Fellowship which is total nonsense.

Since she spoke those words, Minneapolis robberies and related crimes have sky-rocketed. Add to that the George Floyd murder making it the center of the rioting and looting following Floyd’s death. My hometown joins a growing list of cities that are considered among the most dangerous to live in or visit.

If Humphrey Were Alive Today, He Would Have Said – I Want Congress To Be Cleaned Up Now

So Democrats, why not begin an investigation on Ilhan Omar (which may not be her real name) and Rashida Tlaib?

What do you have to lose?

Perhaps many thousands more American lives from COVID-19, until those “rotin roots” are removed from Congress. Sadly, this may just be the answer to that question.

After all, when it comes to their support of Hamas, as evidenced by their planned tour of Israel, sponsored by Hamas supporter Miftah, Israel was smart to ban Omar and Tlaib,

It is time Democrats consider doing the same.

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