Gantz Must Stay Sane

The possibility of a coalition of Likud and Blue and White is a very grave mistake, one that Benny Gantz must avoid at all costs. The “promise” made to him by Bibi Netanyahu regarding the date for his role in the coalition to terminate in favor of Gantz’s turn is not to be believed.

Benny Gantz must stay sane. He should realize that the “no shticks and no tricks” offered by Netanyahu are no more than additional lies from a master liar. As the end of Bibi’s first rotation he will be certain to find some “national calamity” which “demands” that he alone must remain in control.

Benny Gantz is a level-headed man. He and his co-partner Yair Lapid have been given our presidential mandate to form a government. Gantz must not abdicate. He must remain strong and defiant. With his many years of experience with Netanyahu he must know very well the stench and the poison of a liar.

I among millions of others voted for Blue and White because we are sick and tired of 14 years of a near-dictatorial regime. We, like millions of Israeli voters, have demanded a change and our votes determined that President Rivlin should task the winner, Benny Gantz, with the duty of forming a government.

His first effort should be the re-opening of our Knesset in pursuit of maintaining democratic legislation.

He should demand by a Knesset vote to end the long term of Yuli Edelstein as Knesset speaker. There is no doubt that Edelstein has served well over past years but he is in Netanyahu’s pocket and it is now time for that pocket to be emptied.

The alternative of a fourth election in one year is costly to the taxpayers and there is no guarantee that it will produce better results than the 1st, 2nd and 3rd elections. Will we then have to go to a 5th election?

Is there any civilized country which has had so many elections and re-elections within the same year?

Our government is the laughing-stock of all other democratic States. Netanyahu, once popular among foreign leaders, is seeing his past popularity diminish.

If he had saichel… brains, common sense, he would read the writing on the wall and retire to write his opus magnum of his 14 years in government service. He needs to do it before his legacy is white-washed in Israel’s history.

In future, our laws must change drastically. A prime minister cannot be elected for life. Specific terms in the number of years he/she can serve must be written into our basic laws. In America a president can only serve 2 terms if re-elected for a total of 8 years. The only exception to that law was to permit Franklin Delano Roosevelt to serve an unprecedented third term due solely to America’s involvement with the Second World War. He died in office and was succeeded by Harry Truman, the American president who was among the first to recognize the State of Israel.

Benny Gantz is an experienced military officer and commander. He knows how to lead with precision and dignity. He places Israel first among all concerns. He does not have the Netanyahu-ego disease.

He must remain sane in these turbulent times and reject all offers to serve in a Likud-led coalition. It goes against his early declaration not to sit in a Netanyahu-led government. To do so would result in the dissolution of the Blue and White party which he created and in which he serves as leader.

Such an unhappy event will confuse voters who supported Gantz’ victorious election. He must stand firm and faithful to his convictions and promises. He must never become like Netanyahu who makes promises on Sunday and breaks the promises on Monday. His word cannot be trusted.

Benny Gantz is well-aware of the dangers of joining with a Likud-led prime minister. A rotation promise can be nullified if the prime minister decides to remain in office for the duration in order to deal with “emerging” problems and to avoid the expected trial for his criminal activities.

Who can Israel trust? A prime minister indicted for three criminal cases and who lies about his activities or a highly respected military leader whose slate and previous history remain snow-white pure?

Millions of our citizens are protesting against prime minister Netanyahu. Benny Gantz must remain sane and steer clear from joining a criminal prime minister in a corrupt coalition.

The citizens of Israel deserve no less.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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