Gay Tel Aviv: Pride and Pleasure

Photo Credit Israel Ministry of Tourism

OHHH Tel Aviv Pride Week…how I love you. You see – once June hits, it starts building slowly…and I’m not just talking about the hot hot heat. Pride Week has its own insanely special feeling that rolls over the city like a big rainbow cloud. One day, you’re in the Holy Land – the next you’re frolicking freely through the gay capital of the world. Started in 1997, the largest annual LGBT event has gone from political rally to proper street party, and there’s nothing queer about it 😉 As TLV pride popularity has skated through the ranks as the biggest event of its kind on the entire continent of Asia, the ‘once upon a time’ focus has floated from radically political to more of an equal rights stance. Less demonstration, more celebration? Yes please! The vibes start with the municipality building getting LIT UP with colors of pride, and the streets are lined with rainbow flags galore. Provocative posters go up, loads of local businesses hang welcoming banners, and the amount of 90’s music raves seems to skyrocket. SCORE. In addition to all that colorful jazz, the city of Tel Aviv is flooded with tens of thousands of tourists specifically visiting for the occasion. This year alone, 100,000 people hit the city by the sea. If that doesn’t say COOLEST PLACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, I don’t know what else does. And lesbehonest about the other added bonus…hello eye candy! Photo Credit Shine On Movement Okay, we’re not solely basing it on the beautiful packs of abs, well groomed hairs, and perfectly sculpted calves strolling through the streets. More importantly, with each sweet spotting, you can feel the excitement, love, and pride in the air. Tel Aviv is the ONLY bubble in the Middle East that spouts gay glory, where it is not only accepted with the most open of arms, but freedom of love is also celebrated and supported in the most fabulous of ways. With over 50 events, continuous citywide support, and a sea swimming in neon speedos, Gay Pride 2014 was sicker than your average week. Film festivals, lectures, parties and other happenings raged 24 hours a day, culminating on Friday with the pride parade – a day filled with upbeat music, drag queens shaking booty on floats, thousands of people waving flags and whips in support, dancing til sunset, and an all around kick ass celebration of love. Photo Credit Shine On Movement Let’s get it totally straight (pun intended) – the Mediterranean warmth, urban vibes, and positive energy make Tel Aviv the number one destination for gay pride – all year round – whether you’re gay, straight, sideways, and everything in between, it’s worth a spot on your bucket list.

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Zo is professionally passionate about making the world a brighter place to live on the daily. Israeli born and New Jersey raised, she made Aliyah to pursue a life of meaningful culture, beautiful chaos, stunning views and the best hummus ever.