Gaza and Polar Bears

The headlines were terrifying – Gazan terrorists attack Israel using radio-controlled polar bears. All the security forces, police, fire brigade, civil defense, were called to an emergency cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister’s office. Experts from Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo joined the meeting but had nothing to offer: there were no polar bears in the Bible. No-body had predicted this horrendous development. Leaks from the meeting told of panic among those charged with guarding our safety. Ministers were arguing with each other; who was responsible for dealing with polar bears?

Discerning readers will have realised that this story is, of course, nonsense. There are no polar bears on their way to cause chaos in Tel Aviv or even Ashkelon. (I hope I have not given Hamas a new idea.)

But now consider this headline – Gazan terrorists fire hundreds of rockets at Israel.
Is this an unexpected development? Should the security forces need to meet in emergency session to collectively scratch their heads looking for a solution?
We all knew that Hamas has armed itself with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of missiles but who could have imagined in their wildest dreams that they would use them?

Surely there must be contingency plans for all possible scenarios. Is it too much to expect that our various think tanks have already looked at all combinations of circumstances, both likely and unlikely, and have prepared a suitable reply for each case. They do that, we’ll do this. They do this, we’ll do that. Our tit for their tat. It’s not rocket science.

(tit for tat definition:  actions done intentionally to punish other people because they have done something unpleasant to you)

In the very unlikely event of another round fighting with the Gazan terrorist regime, I hope that our government will have everything prepared. The first RPG fired at a bus, the first kassam rocket fired at Sderot, should bring an instant response, There is no need to drag cabinet ministers from their warm beds. A glance at the agreed response sheet should be enough to give the OK to the IDF to take immediate and appropriate action, even if it is a polar bear launched at Eilat.

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