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I have been making you aware of the fact that Cedar Riverside, in Minneapolis, where many Somalia immigrants have made their home after fleeing their war torn country is now considered the terrorist recruiting capital of the US. This is right in the middle of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District and  Congresswoman Omar continues to support the Palestinians and is refusing to back down from her hatred against the Jews and Israel. She is doing absolutely nothing to stop it!!!


This means that she, along with her other supporters in Congress are attempting to fool everyone into thinking they are pro-American. It should be all too obvious by now, actions speak louder than words and therefore, there is a verbal mud-slinging match going on not only in Congress, but in the press throughout the US.


Someone heard a story where a gentleman walked into a newspaper stand and asked for a copy of  Der Stürmer. The owner told him that has been out of print since 1945, when the editor hung in Nuremburg, due to the Anti-Semitism contained therein. The gentleman, took out his cellphone, and commented that perhaps the printed version is no longer available, but it can be easily obtainable over the Internet free of charge.


And that summarizes the problem we are all facing today. Congress is not setting the example which should be to eliminate those responsible, but is becoming more supportive of it by allowing those who speak against America, Jews and Israel to remain in their seats when they should have been kicked out many months ago when this all started. Unless that happens sooner than later, the problem will continue to escalate.


Again, I am drawing your attention to the following article on Omar’s arrest and booking by the Minneapolis Police Department in 2013, which reveals facts you may not know-




Omar is shown without her head cover on which means that she must not have been wearing one when she was booked, and it continues to be a big puzzle why anyone would consider her religious. There is a very extensive Minneapolis Police Report which details how she was acting when she was booked and arrested. This to me is a red flag that Omar is not the person she claims to be.


US taxpayers are footing her salary bill and other expenses. I want to point out I have a son in law who works in one of the companies responsible for the manufacture of the Iron Dome Missile project. That’s all I can say about him. I have noticed through Wikipedia that each Missile costs $40,000 to manufacture, so that the total cost of the roughly 700 missiles used to defend Israel when it was under attack, assuming one was used for each incoming missile, amounts to roughly $28 million and that is just for the missiles. Because the US is providing a massive amount of financial aid to Israel, then the money the Israeli government is spending to defend its citizens is really provided, in part, by US taxpayers. So in the final analysis, by allowing anyone in Congress to talk against the US, Israel and Jews, is causing the American taxpayers to literally SHOOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT!!!!


I want to also point out that my father had a brother named Phil, who was the owner of Richter Rexall on Cedar Avenue just off the Campus of the University of Minnesota’s West Bank, which is part of the Cedar Riverside neighborhood referred to above. Our family visited his store many times, and it was a quiet, very friendly neighborhood, where Uncle Phil’s customers would be also his best friends. He gave our family the personal service which we witnessed him giving other customers. That’s obviously what brought people back and why he was able to keep his store open for so many years.


Two people who were regular customers and knew my Uncle Phil very well; have given me their comments regarding the neighborhood they remember before any thought of terrorism existed and it was something people never believed could happen in Cedar Riverside., but unfortunately this is the reality today-


Testimony One

 Cedar Riverside was a community of ethnic and cultural change over time.  It started with Danish people then changed to students, bar owners, hippies, bikers, druggies, American Indians, blacks, whites. The store, owned and run by Phil Richter, was the peaceful center for confidences and communication. Runaways used it to contact their parents and vice versa.  He would act as a pawn shop for some and consultation center for others. He was a pharmacist but also the local medical person that locals consulted when they could not afford, to see a doctor. Criminals and the police watched out for Phil and the worst thing to happen to someone would be to be excommunicated from the store for bad behavior.  Everyone trusted him. Only poor health made him sell the store. The store and dance hall he owned above the store burned down.  The area changed with the influx of immigrants. I can’t speak about the nature of the community now.





Testimony Two

Fri, Apr 26, 1:48 AM

I know that Phil Richter watched Cedar Riverside being built.  That area was home to a variety of people at different times: gypsies, Scandinavians, and hippies.  People used Phil as not only their pharmacist but also as their doctor.  In the 60’s, there were many who used the store as the place to receive their mail or make phone calls.  Neighbors looked out for each other and customers looked out for Phil, including me..  It is very disturbing to hear that this same area is now considered a center for terrorist recruitment.  It is not an area I have visited recently, so I cannot say I am aware of who lives there or what the lives of those residents are like.   I can’t really say anything different than anyone would say:  It is sad that many immigrants have no respect or tolerance for other religious groups when they themselves have come from persecuted regions.  Why come to the U.S. if you are going to “bite the hand that feeds you”? Why accept our charity and care?  This I will never understand.  

There is no connection to Phil’s store and the Cedar Riverside of today.  In fact his building burned down many years ago and he was out of business in 83.  That’s over 35 years ago, so his name should not be associated with the terrorists.  


As far as Omar is concerned, we look forward to when we can work toward unseating her in the next election.  I don’t think we have much choice of action until then, other than to share our disgust with others about her and her opinions.  



So just like Alan Dershowitz observed about Gaza in my previous Blog, that the Palestinians have turned it into a giant rocket launching pad. Minneapolis, the city of beautiful lakes and greenery has now become the terrorist recruiting capital of the US. Which city wants to be next?




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Born and raised in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. Married to a South African, we lived in Johannesburg from 1979 to 1996. Made Aliyah with our seven children on Parshat Lech Lecha. BSB Accounting Degree from the University of Minnesota. Investment Portfolio Manager and Analyst. Served in the US Army Reserves Semi Retired spending quality time with my wife, children, grandchildren and attend Kollel while analyzing current events as they relate to Torah and Mitzvahs.
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