Ilana Kraus

Gaza is not going to be free until it is free of Hamas

Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization dedicated, in their own words, to the destruction of ‎Israel and Jews everywhere. ‎

‎(Look up their covenant. The sixth ‎paragraph of its introduction states: “This Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement ‎‎(HAMAS), clarifies its picture, reveals its identity, outlines its stand, explains its aims, speaks ‎about its hopes, and calls for its support, adoption and joining its ranks. Our struggle against the ‎Jews is very great and very serious.”)‎

Hamas does not represent all Palestinians, but many do support them. ‎

Hamas has occupied Gaza since 2007, two years after Israel unilaterally ended its occupation of ‎the enclave. For close to 20 years Hamas has been occupied with one thing only, preparing ‎the horrific October 7 massacre and previous murderous attacks on Israel, creating arsenals of ‎weapons and missiles, rather than a flourishing society and economy.‎

If you support Hamas, are you saying that you support the perpetrators of 9/11, murderers of ‎innocent people? ‎

If you support Hamas, are you saying you support ISIS, the murderers of innocent people?‎

Yes, Israel is to blame. For not striking out against Hamas more forcefully in the past. For ‎allowing Gazans to work and receive medical care in Israel, for supplying electricity, water, and ‎non-military supplies. (What has Hamas, the ruling government of Gaza been doing for almost 20 ‎years?)‎

Yes, Israel is to blame. For relying on thinking inside the box of logic and rationality, thinking ‎that even though Hamas, a terrorist organization, was ruling Gaza, it would put the needs of the ‎citizens before its militant, terrorist goals; and allowing UNRWA to run schools and other ‎institutions that perpetuate the “refugee” mentality.‎

None of this leads to peace. ‎

Yes, peace is made with enemies, enemies who come in good faith to end conflicts that only ‎bring unnecessary suffering to their people. This does not appear to be the Hamas viewpoint. It is ‎directly responsible for the suffering of Gazans, which it uses to discredit Israel whenever it ‎strikes Hamas military targets. Hamas does not seem to care about anything as long as Israelis, ‎including Arabs, are murdered.‎

Peace? Every time an opportunity for peace arises, a roadmap is suggested, an attempt is made, ‎the Palestinians reject it. They have been doing so for more than 100 years. Small wonder that so ‎few Israelis hold any hope for peace with their neighbors, even though most of them would like ‎nothing better than peace and regional cooperation.‎

The Jewish state was created and grew and prospered during those 100 years, and it will rise ‎again from this debacle, strengthened and with greater resolve than ever. Where will the ‎Palestinians be?‎

Instead of supporting Hamas, maybe you can help Palestinians begin to think outside the box of ‎armed struggle against the Jews. Maybe you should be looking for and supporting a more ‎moderate, practical leadership that can extend its hand to peace, rather than backing the ‎murderers of innocent children, women, and elderly people.‎

About the Author
Ilana Kraus has been living in Israel for fifty years. A translator, editor, and journalist, Ilana has in recent years has begun writing fiction as well as opinion pieces.
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