Gaza – where losing means winning

John Kerry has called for renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in the aftermath of the recent war between Israel and Gaza.  His US State Department has also said that Israel must play a role in the reconstruction of the Gaza strip.  Now, for a guy who isn’t Jewish, John Kerry certainly has got a lot of chutzpah!

Perhaps he was visiting another planet at the time, but did he not hear what Mahmoud Abbas said at the United Nations, where he accused Israel of genocide. Does he not listen to the constant news reports and stories about Abbas’s statements?  Does he not have anyone in his entire State Department who reports accurately on what is said by the Palestinian Authority?  I understand that he wants that UN seat.  I understand that he wants the Noble Peace prize. I understand he has massive delusions of grandeur, but does he not understand that Israelis aren’t quite as stupid as he makes them out to be?

And can someone please clarify what exactly the role is that Israel must play in the reconstruction of Gaza.  Perhaps it’s not obvious to people, like himself, who live with their heads so far in the clouds, but when countries suffer disasters, such as Haiti in the earthquake of 2010, it’s important for the world community to help them through aid and food and water and infrastructure rebuilding.  With the Ebola crisis going on, it’s important to help the people with medical supplies and with expertise.  In countries hit by tsunamis it’s important to be able to send help to people who are suffering through disasters not of their own making.

Gaza, however, is an entirely different category.  The recent war in Gaza was entirely avoidable.  If the leaders of Gaza wanted to live in peace and harmony – they’d have it!  But instead, they want to destroy Israel and take their own people along for the ride.  If they invested the money they received from the international community in schools and hospitals rather than rockets and underground tunnels – then the only discussions there would be at international donor conferences is how better to implement health plans and economic improvements.  The path of war and destruction is the choice the leaders of Gaza and the people who elected them have chosen to take.   Why, exactly, is it Israel’s problem or Israel’s role to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure they bought on themselves?

Mahmoud Abbas’s coalition government started the war in Gaza.  Perhaps they thought they could break the will of the Israeli people – but they failed.  They lost.  Yet somehow that loss is construed as a victory and now the world wants to throw more money at them – money that will go straight back into rocket development and underground tunnels, while completely ignoring the stated genocidal intentions of the Palestinian leadership.  With a world community like that – how can a loss be considered anything but a victory?

The Middle East is burning.  Over 200000 people are dead in Syria.  ISIS is about to take over another town on the Turkish border, which will inevitably lead to another massacre.  Iran is about to go nuclear – but no… that’s not the focus of John “the peacemaker” Kerry.  His focus is to once again pressure Israel into renewed peace talks with the Palestinian Authority, whose virtues include lying, racism and terrorism – traits he is happy to completely ignore.   Somehow in the incredible open space of John Kerry’s mind, when there is ‘peace’ between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia will becoming a global leader in human rights, ISIS will lay down their arms and start singing Kumbaya around a campfire, Iran will turn their nuclear reactors fields into wind farms and well… all will become right in the world.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.