‘Genocide?’ The wages of SIN…

The SIN coven – Spain, Ireland and Norway – recognize something called the “State of Palestine” and allege that Israel is committing genocide against one sector of this four-part State: Gaza.

The other three sectors of the “State of Palestine” are the Palestinian Authority run by President Mahmud Abbas, currently in the 18th year of his four-year presidency without the inconvenience of intervening elections; Jordan, 75 percent of whose population is Palestinian and whose ruler is the grandson of a king brought in by the British from faraway Arabia; and all of Israel, a democratic Jewish state where elections are held with a frequency not seen anywhere else in the Middle East. All these four parts together make up the State of Palestine. According to none other than Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Allegations of “genocide” carry a price tag for the allegers

SIN’s recognition of statehood and the accompanying allegation of genocide comes with a steep price tag: SIN is now legally bound to provide the Palestinians of Gaza with asylum until Israel’s alleged genocide stops.

This means that SIN is legally obligated to send aircraft and ships to Israel to pick up every single Gazan who desires safe refuge in Spain, Ireland or Norway. SIN has to first admit them to their countries, and only then start the process of examining their asylum applications – their immediate safety comes first.

And Israel is legally obligated to guarantee the safe passage of all asylum-seekers to the SIN aircraft and ships waiting to take them to safe refuge in Spain, Ireland and Norway.

Win-win-win situation

It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone concerned. Spain, Ireland and Norway get to pat themselves on the back for their virtue-signaling success in rescuing Gazans from “genocide.” That surely has to be a win for SIN.

The Palestinian women and children of Gaza get to live their lives in safety when they are warmly welcomed by Spain, Ireland and Norway. According to Hamas there are no men in Gaza, in particular no men of fighting age according to eight months of Hamas Health Ministry casualty statistics, so giving vulnerable women and children a safe future in SIN is a major win for the Palestinians.

And Israel is able to continue the search for its illegally abducted hostages and also bring to justice the Hamas and Islamic Jihad perpetrators of the Jewish state’s worst massacre in history, without any danger to Gaza civilians since most of them will have left Gaza for safe havens in SIN – a big win for Israel.

So everyone’s happy.

More good news

But wait, there’s more good news. Once SIN has safely rescued the Gazans, SIN is also legally obligated to go to war against the Jewish state. Because the Jewish state has after all “committed genocide.”

So why hasn’t SIN gone to war against Israel? Why haven’t Spain, Ireland and Norway bombed the genocidal maniacs of the Jewish state? They have a legal obligation to do so. After all, Israel is committing “genocide,” so what’s holding them back from fulfilling their legal obligations?

Is it the absolute certainty that there is not even the slightest hint that any “genocide” has ever taken place or is taking place? Is it the fact that the population of Gaza has grown from 200,000 in 1948 when Israel declared independence and there wasn’t a single Jew in Gaza, to 2.2 million in 2024 when the only Jews in Gaza are those illegally kidnapped from inside Israel? It’s a strange genocide indeed that sees the victim population grow more than ten-fold – genocide is surely designed to have exactly the opposite effect?

So the questions remain: why isn’t SIN taking its moral responsibility and ensuring that every Gazan who wants to, can seek a new home in Spain, Ireland or Norway? And why aren’t Spain, Ireland and Norway bombing the living daylights out of Israel, as is their moral right according to their allegations?

The answer is as simple as the question is stupid: because SIN has no case to make. Never had, never will. They know it, of course. But they can earn much mutual admiration if they pick on Jews. After all, what’s the most violent response a Jew is going to give in retaliation? A debate on TV? An op-ed in The New York Post? A blog in the Times of Israel? It’s an easy – albeit unethical, unprincipled, and above all CHEAP – way for SIN to garner support among Islamists, while incurring no cost to themselves.

Allegations of “genocide” incur both a financial and a legal obligation to grant safe refuge

Except now there is a cost. Allegations of “genocide” incur both a financial and a legal obligation to grant safe refuge for a huge number of Gaza asylum-seekers. In the safety of the welcoming states of Spain, Ireland and Norway.

So Madrid, Dublin and Oslo, open up your wallets and start paying the price of your allegations. Or risk being taken to court for not fulfilling your legal obligations as safe havens for the “genocide victims” of your “State of Palestine.”

You’ve opened up a whole host of problems for yourselves. Only you were too busy earning short-term, cheap approval for your virtue-signaling to realize the longer-term consequences of your blatantly antisemitic posturing.

Your time to pay is now. The Gazans are clamoring to enter SIN. You are required to accommodate them – and pay for their support.

SIN supports the Palestinians – but only if the Palestinians stay far away from SIN

Or do you only express “support” for Palestinians as long as they are very, very far away from your own borders, where they can’t cause you problems?

Is there a good word for HYPOCRISY in Spanish, Gaelic and Norwegian?

About the Author
Served as deputy chair of the West Sweden branch of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association. Written three political thrillers about Sweden-Israel-Gaza in The Hart Trilogy: "Bridges Going Nowhere" (2014), "The Threat Beneath" (2015) and "From the Shadows" (2016), where the action switches seamlessly between Samaria, Gaza, Israel, Sweden and Iran. Work has started on a fourth book, "Picture Imperfect".