George Galloway caught lying to British Parliament over Israel-Syria claims

In today’s debate on the intervention in Syria in the British House of Commons, George Galloway MP has been caught outrightly lying to the House following a denial of comments he made on the state-funded Iranian Press TV channel – as first seen on

Last week, Galloway was heard to blame the State of Israel for supplying Al Qaeda with chemical weapons. When challenged on the matter by Conservative MP Matthew Offord, Galloway replied, “I said no such thing”.

Watch the video below and share it on social media to alert people to Galloway’s outright lies to the House of Commons.

George Galloway MP claimed that he “said no such thing” when asked about his Press TV comments about Israel supplying chemical weapons to the Syria Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels. Galloway forgets that the internet has all his bluster archived, and as this video shows, he LIED to the British Parliament when he claimed he never made the comments on the Iranian State TV channel Press TV.

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