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George Kovach corrects mistakes in my earlier blogs about him and Heather Morris

A few corrections are in order for my earlier blog posts here about Mr George Kovach, 74, the stepson of Holocaust survivor Cecelia Klein, also known by her nickname of Cilka, and  Heather Morris’s novel about her titled “Cilka’s Journey.”

Mr Kovach lives in Oakland, not San Francisco. .

He never said that Heather Morris is  a ”romance novel writer.” He tells this me: “I made this mistake because when I looked up Heather Morris on Amazon I was led to a site for a writer of the same name who happens to write romance novels. It was an honest mistake of mine. Heather did not write romance novels before these two novels.”

About my earlier blog post stating that … “although he says he tried to tell Morris the true story of his stepmother, he says she refused to listen to him and even threatened him with a lawsuit.”

George Kovach told me: “That is false.”

He added in an email to me: “I did not try to tell Morris the true story. I wanted to find out who she was first, and read both books before I participated. She would not let me read the manuscript of Cilka’s Journey. The excerpts that she read to me, describing my father, were nothing like him.”

”I also then read Tattooist. It was after that that I decided I could not participate in this project,” he added.

”So, again, I did not try to tell Morris the true story of my stepmother (or father),” he emphasized in his email to me. I am happy to report these corrections based on mistakes I made in my initial post.

”She did not refuse to listen to me, because I never volunteered any information. Indeed, she was eager to listen to anything I might have to say,” Kovach told me.

”Heather never threatened me with a lawsuit,” he added, noting: ”I had my lawyer send her publisher a letter expressing my objections to the book and the treatment of my stepmother.”

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