Clemens Heni

German court allows genocidal antisemitic slogan

A Higher Administrative Court in the German State of Hesse in the city of Kassel has judged that the genocidal slogan “from the river to the sea” cannot be forbidden as a slogan for a rally in the city of Frankfurt. Before, the city of Frankfurt denied the organizers of antisemitic rallies on Friday and Saturday to use that slogan. The Higher Administrative Court’s justification is remarkable: The 8th Senate of that court says that it is not clear what kind of means Palestinians and Arabs would use to organize a state “from the river to the sea”.

Frankfurt is a hotspot of Arab, Palestinian, Turkish and Muslim extremists. The city of Frankfurt wanted to appease or support these antisemites and Islamists by putting placards in one the main streets and illuminate them with the slogan “Happy Ramadan“.

For sure, many Islamists – almost all of them celebrate Ramadan – share the antisemitic slogan “from the river to the sea” as well, as we know.

These judges ignore the international research on antisemitism intentionally. For them, it might be unclear if Palestinians would expel all Jews, rape and kill all Jewish women or not. For these ordinary German judges Oct. 7, 2023, did not happen – they ignore or affirm that unprecedented genocidal massacre. Because we know exactly what Palestinians would do – if they have the means! – when German judges allow them to organize a state “from the river to the sea”.

In another German state close to Hesse, Bavaria, antisemitic Muslims, left-wingers, Neo-Nazis, Palestinians and all other people who use the slogan “from the river to the sea” face an up to three years prison sentence when they use that slogan. In Bavaria, “from the river to the sea” is correctly seen as a “sign of terror”.

It is shocking, though, that German judges have no problem at all with the rally cry to destroy Israel, which that slogan for sure means. However, contrary to the ignorant or antisemitic German judges, based on empirical research, we know that a shocking majority of Palestinians affirm the genocidal massacre of Oct. 7:

Almost three in four Palestinians believe the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel was correct, and the ensuing Gaza war has lifted support for the Islamist group both there and in the West Bank, a survey from a respected Palestinian polling institute found

So we know what Hamas, Hisbollah, and the majority of Palestinians in the WestBank and in Gaza and their genocidal allies all over the world would do: Kill as many Jews out of the seven million Israeli Jews as possible. Torture them, rape Jewish women and man and then massacre them during the rape or afterwards.

These German judges are a shame for humanity, to say the least. They literally do not care if Israel is destroyed or not.

The world might be a much better place if Poland and France had a common border – that was indeed an option for some Allies in 1945, but no one had the guts to implement that great idea.

This court ruling from Germany shows how widespread antisemitism is in German and European mainstream. Even genocidal slogans are supported by these judges. Sadly, there is no IDF to stop these German courts and these antisemitic Muslim, Palestinian and left-wing as well as right-wing extremist demonstrations.

About the Author
Dr Clemens Heni is director of The Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA)