Amnon Allan Medad

‘Get out of jail’ card for Netanyahu

In what may be the shortest blog post ever written, I offer an idea for the many thousands of protesters (and their supporters) who, like me, want Netanyahu gone almost as much as we wish the hostages brought back immediately.

Persuade your MK’s and all party leaders who are not in this crook’s pocket, to offer him a kind of a bargain. “Resign, and leave the Knesset immediately, and stay away from any public context. Go somewhere where you may be kept secluded and safe (or leave Israel for any country that will harbor you), sometime within the next week or two, and you’ll be guaranteed no jail time in Israel. Nor will you ever be given up to the International Court of Justice (where many are surely licking their chops at the prospect of someday putting you on trial, the outcome of which seems a foregone conclusion).”

Forget trying to punish him any further. Focus on getting rid of him and getting the hostages back. His ignominy – the worst fate for this smugly preening pretender to the title of “statesman”, is already guaranteed, and it will be attached to his name in all but the most partisan history books, forever.

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Born in Tel Aviv, one month after Israel's birth, I was relocated to Canada with my parents after eighth grade. Finished high school & university in Montreal - B.Science, McGill University - majored in psychology. During the last fifty years I have been a self-employed entrepreneur and consultant to various businesses, in most of which I held a significant ownership position. Most recently, I have been involved - major shareholder & consultant - with an IT venture aiming to revolutionise Web-based communication security.
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