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Get Your Sal Klita Here

Is this a Sal Klita?

Aliyah is up 128% this year, we are told, with 60,000 new immigrants. But this is not the whole story.

6,327 immigrants chose Tel Aviv, Haifa took 6,182, Netanya 6,069, and Jerusalem 4,285.

Armed with nothing more than a pocket calculator, the total for these three cities is 22,863.

So, where did the other 37,137 immigrants go?

It is possible that they are all living contentedly in Yeruham but it is more likely that they have stayed just long enough to get an Israeli passport and collect, perhaps steal would be a better word, as much money as they can get.

A useful website – Sal Klita Calculator – enables these fraudulent “immigrants” to work out just how much they can get while enjoying their holiday in the sunshine.

It is time to put a stop to this. While Israel should welcome genuine immigrants who wish to join us in building the land, we do not want self-interested free-loaders.

First, an Israeli passport is one of the world’s strongest in terms of the number of countries that do not require a visa for a visit. There should be a waiting time of a year or so before the new immigrant can get an Israeli passport. For genuine emergencies, a temporary travel document would be available.

Many years ago, the land was empty – almost no roads with very few cars. If you were lucky enough to own your own car it was known as a “private” to distinguish it from the many shared “sheruts”.  Today, the roads are overflowing even though taxes make for high car prices. New immigrants pay reduced taxes when they buy a new car. Why not allow them to experience life in Israel from the very start and pay taxes just like every other Israeli. We would soon find out who was really interested in joining us.

A long time ago, Israel needed immigrants. Today, immigrants need Israel. How the world has changed.

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