Dona Inselberg

Get your sh*t together, people!

People of Israel! We are not wimps, we are not “frayers,” we are not scaredy-cats, and we definitely are not pushovers. Break the silence! Protest! Fill the streets, we know how to do that when needed. And now, my dear friends is a time of need. My beautiful bubble of a town, Raánana, just had its third terror attack in this last wave of terror.

Nowhere is safe, no town immune. This situation cannot go on any longer. Its been three months and nothing is letting up. Nothing is changing and desperation is in the air.

Today, at 4 PM on a sunny Shabbat afternoon, while the 20-year-old terrorist was fleeing from civilians after severely wounding an innocent civilian, he broke into a family’s home and the mother bravely pushed him out with her own two hands, single-handedly saving her husband and son.

Where have we come to where personal security means nothing. Where knife wielding terrorist means occasional crime and where people are locked in their homes for hours while hearing sirens and police cars looking for additional terrorists.

We cannot and will not accept this as the new norm. Innocent civilians are being stabbed, babies are being run over and bystanders are expected to “neutralize” the terrorists and restore the “calm”.

My brothers and sisters, do not accept this as our fate. Do not give up the fight and do not stop loving life! I call on everyone to protest this situation and do all they can to fight it. After all, acceptance is giving in and we will not give in to terror.

About the Author
Dona Inselberg lived in Israel as a teenager and young adult and moved back to New York where she started a family and worked in Finance for 7 years. She returned to Israel with her Israeli husband and 3 young boys under the age of 3 last summer just in time for "Tzuk Eitan". Naturally this had a negative effect on their acclimation but now they couldn't be more thankful to be home. Dona was raised in Los Angeles in The Orthodox community and remains close to tradition. She lives in Ra'anana. Dona enjoys writing as a release and sharing with the world the story of what it's really like to live in Israel.