Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Getting In Touch

Eggs have shells. When we want to eat an egg, we remove the shell.

Grapes, bananas, oranges, apples etc. have peels covering the inner fruit. Some peels can be eaten, others not.

People have coverings, psychologically and emotionally.

Some coverings are beneficial, protecting sensitive feelings. But sometimes the covering are impediments, preventing people from getting in touch with their inner feelings.

Certain coverings we can deal with ourselves. But sometimes, when the covering is delicate and difficult to discern, experts can help.

The heart emanates emotions like fear and love. But attitudes may develop, preventing us from loving another. By peeling away the attitude, by examining and analyzing it carefully, skillfully, and objectively, the attitude can melt away, allowing us to love.

Within the heart is the G-dly spark of our Jewish soul. Sometimes it is covered and concealed by indifference or by distractions. When we remove the coverings, we reveal our strong passionate love for G-d. We get in touch with our inner essence, our G-dly soul, and thus we connect to G-d with love, awe, and a longing to be close to Him.

This in turn inspires us to devotedly honor His will. By fulfilling His commandments, we reveal G-dliness in the entire world, and hasten the complete Redemption, when all the nations will know and obey Him.

And then G-d will reveal even more His closeness to us, and our love will shine completely unhindered, as we rejoice together in the third and eternal Temple, from which the light of the menorah will illuminate the world forever.

May it happen now.

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