Girls, Escape to Crown Heights for the Summer: Machon Chana’s Yeshivacation teaches Meditation, Feminism and Aesthetics

Teenagers are one of the most precious portions of our establishment. The importance of their cultural education and overall happiness plays a critical role in today’s Jewish society. The Machon Chana Women’s Institute  has already begun its annual Summer YeshivaCation program. From July 6th until August 18th, Jewish teens from all over the world, and from all backgrounds and learning levels will gather in the exciting and “nurturing” Jewish community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. download

The six-week summer schedule is packed with classes, workshops and activities to keep students on their feet. YeshivaCation provides a first-class staff of knowledgeable and spiritually successful Chassidic leaders who will guide students through lectures and the communal study of chassidic source texts.

Some students stay for the whole six-months, some stay for one week, or three. Just stopping by will allow you to get your feet wet and sample the treasure. One of the best parts of YeshivaCation is that it is open to all ages and all learning levels. Not just advanced. Not just teens. Though, you might exect this. You’ll find a chevrusa of your own level and engage them. The Jewisjh Mysticism class provides an overview of Midieval Kabbalah and 18th Century Chassidus, post-modern Jewish Meditation and more, but familiarizes students with basic concepts of Chassidic thought.

Another class is Art and Soul, a seven-part “journey” exploring Judaism’s insights into aesthetics and how they transform our religion and our lives. The Jewish Feminism and Leadership Workshop teaches “G-d’s hierarchy of creation, the qualities and attributes of our matriarchs, prophetesses, judges and leaders…” and values as Jewish women.

For those more into the technical side of learning,Machon Chana YeshivaCation students will be studying Hebrew language with an ulpan, and reading various classic Hebrew texts, such as the Chumash.

There are chances to explore New York City, if you are not from around here. There is a Frum Zumba class taught by a real “Brazilian expert”; shabbatons, farbrengans, you name it. YeshivaCation will be taking field trips to an authentic matzah bakery, here in the shtetl; the artisan workshop of an old local sofer; a Jewish library; a mikvah; the Chabad Headquarters of 770, the Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens; a tour of NYC synagogues; shopping; Brooklyn Botanic Garden; Central Park; Ann Frank Center USA; Ellis Island Museum; Eldridge Street Synagogue and even the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

Classes will be taught by Rabbis Chaim Shochet, Yosef Jacobson, Molly Resnick, Rochel Shusterman, Levi Kaplan, Daniel Green, Levi Garelik; and Rebbetzins Leah Abraham, Sarah Labkowski, and more.


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