Yoram Dori

Give Trump credit

The year was 1965. The place –Israeli parliament- The Knesset. On the stage stood M.K Levi Eshkol – the prime minister of Israel. In front of him sitting on the opposition chairs –M.K David Ben Gurion who left the party and lost the election under a new party: Rafi.

Eshkol as P.M  was from his first moment in office  under daily heavy attack from Ben Gurion and his colleagues: In this Knesset meeting standing on the podium he appealed towards Ben Gurion and said: “Ben Gurion give me some credit”. This sentence became well known all over Israel/

Today, after Mr. Donald Trump was elected as the president of U.S.A and after I’m reading all the criticism against him and the black prophecies about his performance  Levi Eshkol   phrase made a renaissance in my mind and  brought me to call in front of my friends here in Israel ( especially those who supported Hillary Clinton)  and to everyone  all over the globe:” Give Mr. Trump some credit.  Please give him a chance”.

Not for him. He was elected.

Do it for us.

In my debates with friends who supported Hillary Clinton I’m always trying to tell them that a person who made a fortune , became a billionaire  and won presidential elections is far away from being an ignorant, hot tempered person who is trying only to please his ego and don’t care about his country.

Mr. Trump knows, maybe better than anyone the heavy weight of the responsibility on his shoulders.

Yes, I disagree with the elected president on many issues. I share with him his ideas about minorities and women (as he was quoted) but I sure he means good for America and wellness to the world.

Maybe he will change priorities. Maybe he will concentrate on war against terror and terrorists. Maybe he will put taxes on merchandise important to America in order to create more jobs. Maybe he will calm down the crazy race for globalism. I’m not sure he will succeed but I’m sure we have to give him a chance.

It is a global interest to have America great again. Is it possible- maybe? Maybe the globalization is irreversible. Maybe the new economy brings to a multi super power world.

Will president elected Trump policy be the right one-let’s  hope but don’t rule out in advance.

Automatic criticism and black colored painting of the future  is not a recipe for right policy , even not after loosing elections.

If we really want the best for our children and grandchildren we have to look forward to the future (as my mentor president Shimon Peres used to tell me) and to fulfill Levi Eshkol request: Give president Trump credit.

Yoram Dori served as the senior political adviser to Shimon Peres since 1990

About the Author
Yoram Dori is a longtime political and media strategic adviser. He served as the spokesman of the Israel labor party under the chairmanship of Ytzchak Rabin and served as the senior strategic adviser to Shimon Peres since 1990